Eon by The Black Lotus [web]

Eon - Party version released for the Amiga demo compo at Revision 2019 

Requirements: OCS, 512 kB chip, 512 kB fast (or 1 MB chip)

It sure took a long time to get this demo done, but we are very happy with the results. 

The party version of this demo has a bunch of issues that will be fixed in the final one. 
* Due using OCS specific bug(s) in some parts they look incorrect on AGA.
* If you don’t swap to disk 2 fast enough things break badly.
* Likely some other things as well such as minor glitches.
* There might be glitches on accelerated amigas in some corner cases but the intention is for the trackloading version to work on all hardware and kickstarts. 
* The 3D wolf is temporary and will be replaced in the final version

We will also release (along with the final version) a non-trackloaded edition of the demo that will require some more (fast) memory as we will load everything to memory instead of stream from the floppy but first we need some (well deserved) rest before we do this work so bear with us. This version will run from Workbench on accelerated Amigas. 

Fun facts:
- We hit every documented hardware bug on OCS in this demo more than once 
- The song can’t fit in chip memory all at once (the module is 559K in size)
- We built so much tooling for this demo that it is kind of ridiculous: a register allocating assembler, a new linker, an emulator version with memory protection and instruction level trace profiling, the scene packing tools,.. will be looking to release some of them later

Full credits:

Emoon - main coding, system, tool code, effects, music sample streaming
Calladin - direction, graphics
Hoffman - music, drum mixer code
Dep - track loading, 3d scenes code, system, tools
Kalms - 3d scenes code, opts, system
Erique - sine wavey blobs effect
Louie500 - graphics support

The Black Lotus - 30 years of monkey business.