Release Date: 26-May-2019

Code & Music: Antiriad (Jonathan Bennett <jon@autoitscript.com)

Amiga 500 OCS chipset with 512KB RAM or better.

A small lametro written after a bout of of nostalgia. Called Parcade after
visiting my friend Chris Parsons home retro-arcade meetup which sparked
the idea to try and code again after 25+ years :)
Check out Chris's Vectrex games at: http://www.vectorrepublic.co.uk/

Starfield and text. 
Simple enough. Dual bitplanes.

Huge sine scroller. 
Uses a 8x8 bitmap font to create a 64x144 high scroller. Could easily be
full screen but it gets unreadable :)
Was always in awe of Dan's sine scroller in Digital Innovation and wanted
to do one someday. Dan and Ross on EAB give me a lot of tips for this one - 
I had no idea back in the day that a blitter vertical fill existed!

I always loved Glenz Vectors but in 1992 I couldn't work out how they were
done. In 2019 I opened up the copper list of Paradroid's Deja Vu in WinUAE 
and looked at the colours and it was an "ahhhhh" moment :)

To make it more interesting I've mixed a complex / morphing vector routine in
there. The complex vectors are running in 2 frames and eventually morph into
a glenz vector running in 1 frame. The hard part was making the transition from
2 to 1 frames look seamless. The routine actually changes objects 4 times using
different palettes to mask the object changes. Also the routine has to rotate 
and morph at the same perceived speed whether running in 1 or 2 frames to make
it look right.

Thanks and Greetings
Photon/Scoopex. Thank you for publishing your YouTube tutorial. All of my old
assembler sources were badly or not at all commented (my stupid 15 year old self).
Watching your videos was a wonderful refresher - so many "ahhh I remember now" 
moments. :)

Greetz to anyone on English Amiga Board (http://eab.abime.net/) who replied to 
any of my posts during coding. Sorry if I missed your name!

Ross, Dan, meynaf, NorthWay, Photon, phx, mcgeezer, hooverphonique, Bruce Abbott, 
Don_Adan, StringRay, zero, Rmt, meeku.