Disk Maggie 21 by Reservoir Gods [web] & Maggie Team

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                  S h o w t i m e   S p e c i a l ! !

Saturday  the  28th September 1996,  although this final bit  is  being 
written on the morning of Friday the 27th September 1996, confused??  


Where  have  the last three months gone?  Since Maggie 20 was  launched 
onto  an  all-too-suspecting  world on early July,  an  awful  lot  has 
happened,  some of it awful..  However,  some of it very good too, with 
the  launch  of this all-new issue 21 timed to coincide with  the  very 
important and significant Autumn Atari Shows in Birmingham and London.. 

The organiser, Mike Goodman has been clever/foolish (delete one) enough 
to  give  us stand space to show off Maggie and various  other  'scene' 
productions  and likely previews..  I sort of had this idea of  writing 
this  'readme' on the morning of the Birmingham Show,  but figured that 
other time based considerations would probably get in the way, and hey, 
why add another layer of things to worry about, eh!

This week, we have been finishing the issue, and the editorial contains 
some  more scribblings on the traumas of the previous week  in  getting 
the issue together..  After that,  it has been straightforwardish, as a 
couple of obscure and probably, previously undiscovered bugs were found 
in the Falcon shell code..  These were got around, but did you know for 
example  that a very short piece of text (less than a full  page)  will 
crash the text displayer!

It was fun having Leon give instructions how to fix the loader over the 
phone  as well,  and the last minute omission of Mike Noyce's articles, 
due to a crap PC floppy drive preventing them being E-mailed over to us 
was  entirely  to  be  expected..  Instead,  we have  the  last  minute 
additions  of  the  news  of two new virus's (boo  hiss!)  Also  a  new 
Netscape compatible Web Browser from Oxo Concept in France (hooray!)

We ended up *very* tight on space in the Falcon issue,  about 22k left, 
not including this docfile!!  Where does the space go??  The ST version 
has a little more room to play with though..

Finally,  I've  had  to provide a little bit of on-phone sympathy to  a 
sobbing  Dave  Hollis  ;-)  as  the  initial  batch  of  ST+  Issue   9 
disintegrated  on  their  disks..  We should see this tomorrow  on  the 
Maggie stand as well, all being well :-)

Anyway,  I'm  really  looking forward to this weekend,  the first time, 
we've been seen in public together since the Symposium visit..

Anyway,  to close with,  some technical points on the respective ST and 
Falcon intros which precede the magazine..

Seeyawl next time!

CiH - 28th, er no 27th September..

ST Intro notes..

This should work on any ST based machine and behave itself, it works so 
far on STFM,  STe, and Falcon.. At least one meg is desirable, although 
Maggie  itself  will  still run on half-meg machines  (the  last  three 
remaining ones in use, that is!!)

It will run from most screen resolutions on the Falcon,  but the Maggie 
shell  is restricted to running from the three common ST screen  modes, 
low  res,  medium  res,  and hi-res mono..  Falcon owners wanting to see 
this  intro,  please  bear  this in mind,  and mono is not  recommended 
really for you if running on RGB interlace..

This  intro  is optimised for 8mhz 68000 machines,  but does still  run 
slightly smoother on Falcons and the like?