assum. by Extream

An Extream production, 2019

          assum. by Extream

1st released at Assembly Summer 2019

Technical info,
Atari Falcon 030 / 16MHz / 14MB / HDD

Short credits for this demo..
  68030	Mace & Emphii
  DSP   Emphii

Parts respectively,
the base & main syncing, Emphii
Intro, Mace
Plasmakindof, Emphii
Donugh, Emphii
Intersecting cubes, Mace
Ice cube, Mace
Mengered dots, Emphii
Greetings, Emphii, Mace did some add's.
Clipping blueball, Mace
Mirroring balls, Emphii
Hexa/outro, Mace
DDPCM player, Emphii

Music is composed by,
VonDemus & TuTeJu79

Pictures are from,
Jesse Parviainen
Sebastian Kärki
- the owners have been contacted and
  they have gave the permission to use
  the pictures in this production.

The DDPCM player is based on article
 at Bits'n'Bites, by Marcus Geelnard

Emphii & Mace would like to thank
everyone who is involved in this project
- including our families - without you
this may have not succeeded.

Even the greetings list is long, it may
lack you, dear reader. Don't count
yourself out.

This is it - This is Party version, it
will not want to run on vga, due to lack
of time to remake all syncing and other
stuff. You are very welcome to wait for
the final (patched) release later on.

	Extream, 2019