Morphilia by Encore


Final version of demo for MorphOS PPC.

Video-preview generated from alpha version of the demo
was released as wild-demo at Decrunch 2019 party 
in Wroclaw/Poland (14-16 June 2019).

code, engine, design, gfx 2D, gfx 3D, anim


(C) 2019-2020 ENCORE

e-mail: encore@amiga.pl
twitter: @encoregames

hardware: PowerPC CPU, 3D accelerator
software: MorphOS 3.11+, 3D drivers

-------- info --------

Special thanks and greetings for:

My forgiving family: Nati, Ira, Igi

Hansee for the awesome music

Caro - I can't stop crapping ;)

Decrunch party organizers - thanks for organise 
demoscene party in my city :)

MorphOS Team - thank you for developing my favourite
Amiga-like operating system

PPA, eXec, MorphZone, MorphOS Storage, morphos.pl admins and guests

Krashan and MorphOS Team for Reggae - great audio engine for MorphOS

All real and happy users of: 
MorphOS, AmigaOS4, AROS and... Amiga Classic :)


A few (un)interesting facts about the Morphilia...

83 butterflies were involved for create this production.
No butterflies were harmed in the making of this demo.

The demo allows to switch between window and fullscreen modes at any 
time - just use RightCmd+F shortcut.

Devices used during creating the demo:
 - PowerBook G4 with MorphOS 3.11-3.13,
 - MacBook Pro mid 2012 with macOS 10.14/10.15,
 - iPhone 8 with iOS 12/13,
 - iPad mini 2 with iOS 12.

All 3D graphics (objects, scenes, animations) created in Blender 2.79b 
for macOS and exported to internal formats of the engine using Encore's 
plugins for Blender.

2D graphics created in:
 - Pixelmator Pro, Affinity Designer for macOS,
 - ImageFX, ArtEffect for AmigaOS/MorphOS.
Coded in C/C++ with:
 - Flow Development Studio with GCC 6/8 on MorphOS,
 - Xcode 10/11 on macOS.
The demo uses Encore Engine 4.1.0 which has been developing by MDW since 2006.
This is very simple and lightweight engine which allows to create demos/games
for various platforms. However main target is new Amiga-like platforms 
(called AmigaNG): AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS. Current version of the Encore 
Engine requires simple C++ and old version OpenGL (fixed pipeline without 
shaders support). These requirements could be changed in a future. It depends 
on features of OpenGL implementations for supported platforms (especially: 
MorphOS, AmigaOS4, AROS).

See you in our next productions...
Mariusz "MDW" Wlodarczyk

Wroclaw/Poland, 4 May 2020