the wall in your mind by Kuemmel [web]


 'the wall in your mind' =>

 a 119 byte intro by Kuemmel for Outline Online 2020
 (Gaussian Blur borrowed from rrrola)

 Did this while playing with blur & randomness. The title
 came to my mind from that German expression "Die Mauer
 im Kopf" => the wall in your head. Refering to those
 things blocking your mind again and again...fading away
 in a while, but still keep on coming back in numerous
 shades...the German expression is used a lot since the
 fall of the east German wall, but people still can't get
 over it in their mind somehow...			
 - runs on DOSBox, designed for around 8000 cycles so
   please adjust the cycles accordingly to run it
 - should also run on FreeDOS but timing might be wrong
 - got 2 options for blur in the .asm, one is the
   traditional 4 pixel approach, the one used in the
   release is rrrola's gaussian blur...beautiful code :-)

 Greetings to sensenstahl,hellmood,gentlemen,t$,bartman,
 dojoe,saga musix,kaomau and all the tiny intro coders                                                  
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                     %  dS'
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