Purity by Distortion

                     │ PURITY (c) DISTORTION 1993.│

          This demo participated in the PC demo-competition at
      The Party III, 29th of december 1993. Since the competition
       hasn't yet been held, we don't know if it will be ranked.

      In case this demo is actually spread by someone, please take
     into consideration that it is NOT optimized, nor does it live
          up to the standard we wish to set (!) in the future.

   If you want to even dream about an average result when running the
    demo, you should have atleast 486dx33 with 4mb memory (Local bus
         won't be necessary), and GRAVIS ULTRASOUND with 512k.
      Also, as a result of severe timepressure we haven't had the
     opportunity to test it thoroughly - Interesting crashes may be
           the result of too much unimportant memorygarbage:
            ALWAYS start the demo with a totally clean boot.

   If you decide to disobey these rules.. Well.. Tough luck for you.
      We will not be held responsible for any hardware damage. :)

      Finally I would like to thank the following people for their
     inexpensible support throughout the development of this demo:

  JayKay/DISTORTION    - For getting me started in PC coding, and for
                         the brilliant GUS-player.
  Tran/RENAISSANCE     - For the PMODE handler. (You showed me the light..)
  SunDancer/DISTORTION _ For being a REALLY reliable graphician. Thanx.
  Mindmover/DISTORTION - (Vic/Camelot) for mental and pixelized support.
                          (Mindmover did the DISTORTION logo in the demo -
                           unfortunately he couldn't finish it in time
                           for the competition, so the result is a
                           half-done (But still great) logo..)
  Jeff/DISTORTION      - Simply for being an utterly kewl musician.
  BAW!/DISTORTION      - For feeding me Gravis-stuff and music generally.

      If you for some reason wish to contact me, you may write to:

   ┌────────────────────────────────────┐     Cybertron/DISTORTION
   │Notice: I'm not interested in mail- │       Thomas Nielsen
   └───────┐trading (People say that I  │       Dalgaardsvej 27
           │can't be trusted?!) - But   │       9700 Broenderslev
           │I'm the GREATEST friend one │       Denmark
           │could have :)               │       Telephone: +45 98835284

      Thanks for your time - And see ya (hopefully) at ASSEMBLY'94