New Impact by Agima

An <<<<< A G I M A >>>>> demo for the great Amiga computer.
The demo works with at least 512kb of chip memory for a total of at least 1mb memory. 
It has been designed with the A500 in mind (OCS, 512kb chip, 512kb fast)

Code and synopsis: Aghnar
Music and sfx: Ixien
Released : 2021/03/17

Tribute to Street fighter 2
Capcom released Street Fighter 2 (SF2) in 1991 on arcade and a slightly improved version (Street Fighter 2') in 1992. I played a lot of the latter at the time.
What seems to me the most important from a gameplay point of view is the handling of the characters, their size and the quality of their animation.
Amigafans, because of the possibilities of the Amiga and perhaps impressed by the "Shadow of the Beast" phenomenon, tend to attach a lot of importance to the number of scrolls and colors in a game.
The fact that every line on the floor scrolls and that there are lots of animations in the background are part of the genius of SF2 of course, but it's not the most important thing in my opinion.

The video 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33kH9DdNznA&ab_channel=PixelShade' which has led to much discussion about SF2 and the Amiga in the beginning of 2021 is at the origin of this demo whose idea is to check the feasibility of a SF2 on a standard Amiga 500 (512ko chip and 512ko fast) with an orientation on the quality of rendering of the characters by taking back the assets of the arcade version.

The implementation strategy, which is not new at all because it is the one of the very good "Shadow Fighter" / 	N.A.P.S. - Gremlin 1995, is to use the dual playfield mode to answer the main problem : the Amiga 500 has only 512Kb of chip memory.
The second screen of eight colors is reserved for the background of the fight. The low number of colors is classically compensated by the copper which allows to artificially increase the number of visible colors.
In the demo, I only made a simple raster on one color but 3 or 4 rasters on a few colors would be enough for a skilled graphic designer to obtain a rendering close to the arcade.
If you don't do any animation with the blitter in this screen, which is the case in the demo, a double buffer of the background is not necessary : and here is a nice chip memory saving.

The first 7 colors field is reserved for the opponents. It is of course in double buffer. As there is nothing on this field, it is not necessary to save/restore bitmaps at each vbl and so
the display is all the more efficient. We are globally in 50 fps during the fight. Moreover a mask is only useful for the second character displayed, which is another memory saving.
At the end of the fight, Ryu's character is turned over by programming, which allows to have only one orientation of each character in memory at a given time.
From a color point of view, I put myself in the conditions of a game port. Five colors are common and each character has a color that only he can use. 
It's dark white for Ryu and Honda and yellow for Ken. 
SF2 specialists will probably point out that Ken has a red kimono in the arcade version and that the fight being a "Ken vs Ryu", it is Ken who should enter from the left. I hope they won't mind too much :-)

There are many different musics in the demo. Ixien did a great job in a very short time. Thanks friend!
Some of the music is a cover of the SF2 themes. They are the short versus music, the music used for the loading of the fight, the music during the fight itself (Ken's theme) and the music
for the vertical scrolltext (Honda's theme).

Theater scene / New Bubble Story
Agima is currently developing "New Bubble Story" for Amiga 500 (and above) whose main character is the ghost who appears at the end of the demo.
More information is available here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=102986 
This scene which was fun to create makes it clear that "New Bubble Story" is still in development and that SF2 is just a parenthesis that is closed with the end of the demo.

And don't eat too many chips while spending too much time in front of your TV :-)
Aghnar / march 2021