Growth by Dojoe

"Growth" by dojoe

A little contribution to Outline 2021, featuring Mooncake 3, our proud little avocado hatchling.

The photos for this video were taken over the course of four weeks, at 5 minute intervals, using a Nikon D7000 camera.
During daytime a Viltrox LED lamp took care of uniform lighting, while at night a Nikon Speedlight SB400 took over the job so the plant could get some time of darkness too (modulo flashes).
The video was rendered using AviSynth and MeGUI, with some custom tooling to add the animated clock (https://github.com/dojoe/timelapse).

The music used is "Flower" by Doxent Zsigmond - http://ccmixter.org/files/doxent/52940

Shoutouts to the entire scene and everyone I miss meeting in person, which is a lot of people. Hugs and all <3

dojoe in 2021