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Short:    Showtime 15 Promotional Intro 
Author:   shanethewolf@yahoo.com
Uploader: shanethewolf@yahoo.com
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                     [  Showtime 15 Promo ]
     | Shanethewolfthedog | Uncle Boose | The Various Slime Creep_/

We took the liberty of making this promotional intro for the latest issue
of Showtime. The mag needs your support so send votes, articles etc to:


But do it soon because the magazine is virtually ready to release!!

Thanx fly out to_____
Ghandy - for providing headlines and information.
Muffler - for his samples.
Porky - for teaching me the true meaning of karate.
Uncle Boose - for the coffee hitter.
Michael Lotion - for taking me to hospital after Porky broke my nose.
All on #amigascne - for making us their role models. |

{Sorry we haven't released John Thaw yet. It will be here soon}

If you wish to contact the authors of this contemporary masterpiece you can
e-mail us at:


ps. we renamed from Camel Kaos. 

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