No Good by Platon

Short:    Music demo with Prodigy sound
Uploader: hodges@in.tum.de (Chris Hodges)
Author:   hodges@in.tum.de (Chris Hodges)
Type:     demo/sound
Version:  V1.0 (10-Aug-94)

NoGood V1.0 (10-Aug-94)
This is a music 'video' I made shortly after Prodigy's "No Good - Start The
Dance"  came  into  the  charts.  It's  pretty  old and has been written to
smoothly run on an unexpanded A500, but it perfectly runs  on  an  A4000/60

The music was digitized and modulized by me, and  also  the  graphics  were
done by me. Enjoy the show and if you like, you can grab the module from my
homepage. The source is  available  in  the  AMCAF  Extension  distribution

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