Wave by artwork

                        W   a   v   e    60%

This is the 60% release of the winning amiga 4k-Intro on TP7. This  intro
should  have  contained additional THX-Music , but due to several reasons
this was never finished and will never be finished. So this is the  final

Several bugs were fixed - the intro doesnt crash on exit now. I also made
a very simple 030 version. This version just includes (a slower) 030 c2p,
which should improve the framerate on 030 a  little.  Unfortunately  this
also  leads  to  some  flickernig and tearing, which could have been only
removed by a major rewrite of the display-code. Running the  060  version
on  a  68030  will give a very low framerate, but there wont be that much

Please dont expect even the 030 version to run fast  on  your  030/50  or
below.  All  routines are quite complex and are optimized for lengths, so
that they need lots of raw CPU  Power.  Well  -  you  should  upgrade  to
040/060 anyways :)

If you are using a 1260 board, please  use  either  Speedychip  (Aminet),
Oxypatcher (commercial) or the newest Phase 5 68060 library (phase5 ftp).
These utilities will enhance the chipmem access speed, which improves the
overall performance of the intro.

Have Fun!



Take a look at  http://come.to/amiga  if  you  are  interested  in  amiga

Some words about the routines:

-The 3d scenes are controlled by a hermite spline raycaster with a
 virtial camera system featuring aimpoints. (like Nullobjects in LW)
-All effects have subpixel/texel accuracy.
-The tunnel, the tunnel with holes and the disc (Planet? Or whatever :))
 were done with raycasting. Please note, that the holes in the second
 tunnel arent genlocked textures, but purely mathematical objects.


-Full intro code by Azure.
-Cruncher also programmed by Azure.
-040/060 c2p by Azure.
-030 cpu only c2p by Kalms.

This Archive:

Wave60_040++.exe   040/060 Version     2432 bytes = 2.375kb
Wave60_030.exe         030 Version     2408 bytes = 2.351kb
azr_wave.readme         Guess what ?

This readme is almost of the same length as the full intro!!