fr-030: candytron by Farbrausch [web]


[fr030 candytron]

party version, breakpoint03

no poser, no pixelshader, just candy :)


hi everybody, 

sorry for this unpolished partyversion,
organizing a party while contributing
to it┤s compos isn┤t a good idea...

never the less, this intro took some
heavy production hours and i┤m very happy
that we made it despite all problems
and limits we had to master. i hope you
like it.

credits in brief :

(chaos & ryg) : introtool, engine, 
sizeoptimizing, not sleeping and doing a 
lot of other important stuff i don┤t exactly 
know about :)

(kb) : a way too cool soundtrack with a sexy
voicesynth, i really love that one..

(giZMo) : modelling of josie, weighting, 
rigging, animation and visual design, getting
mad on producing the mesh in a way that is 
good to squeeze down while still letting her
look good in animation....:/ :)

special thanks must fly to fiver2 who helped
me a lot while i was working on this title !

greetings to all breakpoint visitors and uh,
everyone we usually greet plus weasel
(no i haven┤t forgotten you:)

bye, giZMo