the easiest demotool

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This one perhaps? (haven't seen it): pb01: Party Gipfel
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for those hesitant with nehe here are updated open gl tutorials...
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this is by far the best Unity demo out there at the moment and really shows off it's capacity and skills.

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gloom: is this the programming language you are developing? the one you presented at nvscene this year?
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Defiance: As I already linked on the previous page, it's still's demotool.
i use dead deer made by Barti for all my demos.
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Well I guess, if something works and has enough flexibility (so, it's not demomaker, but some of the other tools) and then there is also skill and effort and passion, you could do the best demo ever no matter if it's OpenGL1.1 or some gametool or whatever.
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Maali has the lead o/
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"leave barti alone!" :p
defiance: no, tooll is Still's demo tool, in a commercial (but free for non-commercial use) aspect.

outracks.com is the NVScene one.
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saga: my bad, if i had seen your post i wouldn't have asked in the first place.

gloom: yeah saga sorted it out for me, they certainly bare a visual resemblance. is uno free for non commercial use? i mean apart from the beta release.
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The best Tool to make demos is and will ever be: YOUR BRAIN!

Use it to google what you need to make a nice GUI:
- C# + WinForms
- Cute: http://qt-project.org/

More googling to learn about Graphics-Coding:

Also necessary would be (should be ontop of the other two normally!) googling knowledge about opening a window in your desired operating system (OS -> Windows | MacOS | Linux | etc.)

All of this takes a lot of time for learning, but in the end you aren´t only able to maintain your own tool, but also to code, make demos andOrEven games with your tool and earning more money than in every job you could get without going that route! ;)

Take your time, release uncommercial stuff you produce in the demoscene, have fun while doing so and prepare to pay me free beers on every DemoParty we´ll meet at from now on...as i told you how to better your life! ;) ( No worries, just one beer per party! ;)
more like one party per beer, uh?
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You can use the search-words on youtube aswell, after having gained basic knowledge!
Youtube is full of videos only made to educate you! ;)
Also Wikipedia is your friend ofcourse! ;) (Tech-Buzz-Words you dont know their meanings of yet! ;)
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> troll(hArDy).
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who´s the lamer now?
who´s the troll now?
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add.b #demotool, lamer;
add.w #demotool, designer/graphician;
add.l #knowledge, coder;

better make sure that lamer is aligned to a word otherwise your garphican and coder are going nowhere.
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Ha Ha
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Way to miss the point, guys.

BB Image

To me, Moppi Demopaja seems like the easiest tool. It has a clear Flash-like UI and a comprehensive manual. Making 3d-content requires you to use 3ds Max and I'm not sure what's the workflow with that. So it's a good candidate for 2D-demos.

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pouet page, some old help page

.werkkzeug1 is the classic demotool you've probably heard of, but it's harder to use than Demopaja. There's no manual, but the download includes a tutorial project that guides you through some basic concepts.

BB Image
wz3full.zip, pouet discussion, PCG wiki page

.werkkzeug3 is an enhanced version of wz1. There's no manual or tutorial projects, so it's the most difficult to use of the tools listed in this post. The workflow seems pretty similiar to .werkkzeug1 so it should be possible to migrate to this later on.
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Way to miss the point, guys.

Then again, all the things you talk about have been talked about a page ago. :P
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flt-demolition is the best one!
added on the 2014-08-06 14:56:51 by maali maali