Wikipedia's war on the demoscene

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They are not allowed to!

So yes, Wikipedia is not what most people think it is.

'Original research' is not the same as general 'research', as the article explains:
The phrase "original research" (OR) is used on Wikipedia to refer to material—such as facts, allegations, and ideas—for which no reliable, published sources exist.

I was talking about general research, so things where reliable, published sources DO exist, and the research entails finding these sources, reading and understanding them properly, and then referencing them on Wikipedia.
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I love that Scali is comparing his CGA work to Einstein's work.

Well, that's Scali for ya :)

But if Wikipedia is such a hot mess of inaccuracy (sure there are plenty), why has it been so useful and more often correct over the years?
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By the way, it's not *my* CGA work, it's reenigne's and VileR's. Do your research.
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and the difference between 5150 and 5160 is relative
and the difference between 80286 and 80486 is relative

fixed that for you.
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It's all because you guys are doing it wrong.
You should add CGA article to Citizendium instead ;)

It is well-known that it was Larry Sanger who intially created Wikipedia just to get into the fight with his buddy, Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales, who later took over the project. Of course, as usual in this kind of situations, nobody really knows what happened and what kind of "Game of Thrones" fight it was, but why not support his little project instead?

Here is what Larry has to say about Wikipedia himself:
In September 2009, Sanger mentioned one reason for distancing himself from Wikipedia: "I thought that the project would never have the amount of credibility it could have if it were not somehow more open and welcoming to experts." He pointed out "The other problem was the community had essentially been taken over by trolls to a great extent. That was a real problem, and Jimmy Wales absolutely refused to do anything about it."

It looks like there is a match between his and your views.
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