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http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=25811 : group should be Arkham (available on scene.org as AKM-BOMB.ZIP)
added on the 2006-08-09 00:48:43 by exocet exocet
exoctet, uhm nope, akm-bomb.exe in that archive is smth different (what also doesn't run here). lgq.com is the same thing though, but it's not part of the release, just a packed-in bbstro.
added on the 2006-08-09 00:54:12 by dipswitch dipswitch
arg dip, don't do jpg screenshots on low colour images. png for teh win!
fix dl link to:
http://scene.org/file.php?file=%2Fparties%2F2003%2Fbreakpoint03%2Fwild%2Fnosfe-r evolt.mpg&fileinfo
added on the 2006-08-09 15:03:07 by nosfe nosfe
nosfe: fixed
added on the 2006-08-09 15:09:43 by sparcus sparcus
dipswitch: run akm-bomb.exe with dosbox, you'll see it's 99% the same prod, only a few sentences change. Plus you'll get the music. Why one of them needs dosbox to run, I don't know...
added on the 2006-08-09 20:31:28 by exocet exocet
ps: Someone forgot to add the year while adding a party. It wasn't me.
exocet: well, if it's a different prod, it should also get added as a different entry. but you're right about the group. fixed.
added on the 2006-08-09 21:06:49 by dipswitch dipswitch
Hitch: Fixed.
added on the 2006-08-09 22:07:38 by StingRay StingRay

The title is: bomber bob final
added on the 2006-08-09 23:11:31 by hitchhikr hitchhikr
added on the 2006-08-09 23:14:21 by psenough psenough
added on the 2006-08-09 23:15:39 by nitro2k01 nitro2k01
nitro: if you have nothing to say stfu. blank means fixed till here.
added on the 2006-08-09 23:52:09 by psenough psenough
Some demos from Arkham with broken d/l links:

link should be: http://www.scene.org/file.php?file=/mirrors/hornet/demos/1993/a/akm-dem3.zip& ;fileinfo

should be: http://www.scene.org/file.php?file=/mirrors/hornet/demos/1994/a/akm-carr.zip& ;fileinfo

should be: http://www.scene.org/file.php?file=/demos/groups/arkham/akm-refl.zip&fileinf o

should be: http://www.scene.org/file.php?file=/parties/1994/theparty94/demo/akm-dem5.zip&am p;fileinfo

added on the 2006-08-10 00:02:37 by exocet exocet
dear gloperators,
The Juggler could feature the Making of I found here: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/erniew/juggler.html
also on that page there is the video (321KB only)
I think it's worth :)
added on the 2006-08-10 13:16:16 by EviL EviL
I've hacked myself into dipswitch's account and did it. Give me some mad props!
added on the 2006-08-10 21:11:19 by dipswitch dipswitch
has now a video available:
http://www.scene.org/file_dl.php?url=ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/parties/1996/3s96/i nfo/dreamdealers-3s2_invitation.avi&id=312826
added on the 2006-08-11 03:37:30 by doh doh
doh_drd: Fixed, had to kill a space in your link.
added on the 2006-08-11 04:07:37 by ALiEN^bf ALiEN^bf
<MadenMann> BB Code for teh win!</MadenMann>
added on the 2006-08-11 09:28:59 by dipswitch dipswitch
Shingebis used to be Gasman's other nick. But he doesn't it anymore. Anyhow it could be set as acronym of Gasman.
added on the 2006-08-11 22:33:44 by p01 p01