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I guess I've fixed all.
There's some problem with the "Prods" function.
i selected Musicdisk + Atari ST and searched and it worked fine. but when i wanted to sort it after how many thumbs up it got, it didnt work.
It just shows a page with no prods on. But!
If one goes backwards after getting the no prods page, it sorts them after how many thumbs up the prod has.

Also, before this, i was searching for linux demos. Then I wanted to search for Atari ST musicdisks. But it just searched for linux musicdisks instead.
added on the 2006-12-21 02:50:55 by krs krs
Please rename the link 'download' as Mac Intel & PPC download

Many thanks.
added on the 2006-12-21 08:36:20 by DaD1916 DaD1916
Please change Download link for 'Mac Intel and PPC download' and point it to here http://mac.scene.org/?q=system/files/DaD1916-HoHoHo.dmg
added on the 2006-12-21 08:41:30 by DaD1916 DaD1916
synt4x_3rr0r: i guess prodlist.php is still borked, tough shit.
dad1916: changing the name of the default download link is impossible, and even if it was possible it wouldn't really make sense. changed the url anyway.
added on the 2006-12-21 09:14:14 by reed reed
Ok cool, thanks.
added on the 2006-12-21 09:45:39 by DaD1916 DaD1916
the end of the prod list here is fucked up. i don't know if it's a bug or not.

and also when submiting a prod, platform field isn't selected automatically anymore. gets annoying after a while.
syntax: yes i know. there is a bug, and i cant figure it out and no one helps me with it. know anyone with free time who ever used php sessions for passing array variables to look at http://scene.org/~ps/prodlist.zip and tell me where the bug is instead of what optimizations i should do next?
added on the 2006-12-21 20:59:52 by psenough psenough
anes: fucked up how?
the platform field thing i'll take a look after pain is released to see if i can hack it back on..
added on the 2006-12-21 21:02:48 by psenough psenough
anes: oh, i see it now.. probably a lobstercized prod lingering on.. which is weird since i added removal of it from the table to prod_del.php now.. hmm..
added on the 2006-12-21 21:04:47 by psenough psenough
ps: can you somehow remove the picture I've posted here? I forgot to scale it down. Thanks.
added on the 2006-12-21 21:22:08 by StingRay StingRay
stingray: there's almost no needing. any browser capable of css2 automagically resize images in comments and threads. it seems that IE only can't understand that css statement...
added on the 2006-12-21 21:24:36 by rmeht rmeht

where released july 1991 at
"the gathering" (43)

added on the 2006-12-21 23:40:39 by r.a.y r.a.y
NFO problem:

BTW, it looks OK in html mode. Probably some problem with 10h, 13h...
added on the 2006-12-23 06:35:24 by Adramelek Adramelek
new info and screenshot for this prod:




thanks, and merry xmas pouet admins
added on the 2006-12-24 19:10:38 by gwEm gwEm
please ban user stereohawk: http://www.pouet.net/topic.php?which=3279
added on the 2006-12-25 15:45:20 by dipswitch dipswitch
please add a download link for the video version of this production:


the link to the video is:


thank you
added on the 2006-12-25 20:40:27 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
what stingray said :) (you're too fast)
added on the 2006-12-26 18:08:08 by iks iks
New DOSBox-video for
Astroidea & Chrome - Angeldust 2
http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=5358 is here ftp://ftp.untergrund.net/users/rarefluid/5358_Astroidea_&_Chrome_-_Angeldust_2.avi
(25fps, 2-pass Xvid, MP3)
added on the 2006-12-26 22:03:07 by raer raer
rare: \o/ love that demo :) thank you
added on the 2006-12-26 22:10:50 by psenough psenough
You're most welcome :)
After all it's you who adds all those video links ;-)
Fell free to suggest a demo if you like...
added on the 2006-12-26 22:32:24 by raer raer