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Thanks (for the 2 changes ;))
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Replaced the old one.
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New/correct screenshot

Youtube Live@party if possible

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Hidden easteregg youtube-video for this production:


Easteregg youtube
Youtube(HD) for Sonic Room by Contraz (sync in currently linked one is slightly bork)

Youtube(HD) for Bigger Bouncier Balls - Kvasigen (better sync, no aliasing...)

Youtube(HD) for REM by Youth Uprising
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Thx hitchhikr, that was quick. ;)
Animated gif and live footage for Stella Lives!. IIRC the image size limit is 64 KiB but if it's actually 60 KiB (judging from another prod) then here's a slightly smaller (59k) version.

youtube for Nyantari 2600. This is an emulator capture - please keep the exising link as the usual "youtube (live)" on there. Thanks
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For this prod:
Purple Eggs

Youtube live
Already done, apparently.
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Add torrent-link to Moleman 2 please.
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mSW: done

Gloom: Added working link.
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Please replace the Youtube link on this http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=59146 with this better quality rip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBPJmFMIN-c
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