How to play c64-tunes the good way?

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Maybe some people here are jealous that I rather listen to Hülsbeck's 30 year old music (that came from something that looks like a breadbox) than listen to their new effing music, so they don't give me concrete tips. All I really wanted more is tips about how to make c64-music get surround sound.

Best of luck to you on getting surround sound from a chip that has 3 mono channels! Most SID stuff sounds like crap anyway in a blunt audio quality sense anyway so I don't really get what exactly you're pursuing. It simply will sound best the way it was intended to sound. Pointless discussion though, it's not like anyone but you can change your mind about this farce.

you'd need to have the composers exact setup


Also what 1in10 said.
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a listener steps into a bar full of composers and asks for tips on how to improve his listening experience of randomly raping their tracks by his knee mastering, gets surprised that people expect him to listen to tracks as they were meant to be listened to and wont jump on giving him pro-tips for advanced rape, storms off to another bar.

business as usual.
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And people here keeps giving Captain Obvious tips that to do it the best way is to apply reverb on like separate channels/sounds, but I rather prefer all reverb than none

I'm sorry that you're not happy with the suggestions, but in your initial post you did ask for a better way than "Programmable reverb DSP 1.2" and mentioned Hülsbeck as something you liked. If the explanations of how to get a similar sound was already obvious to you, perhaps you could be a bit more specific in your questions? E.g. if your question was "which reverb plugin is the best for making C64 music surround", it's easier to provide a reasonable answer. If nobody shares your taste or has the experience you request, then move on to the next forum, no reason to be sore about it. KVR audio probably has lots of info on reverb plugins.
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SID is mono. It has 3 voices to produce sound but it is mono. Originally there is no stereo or surround (except the one where you move your head wildly around) and the sound is noisy and somewhat lo-fi.

Huelsbecks anthology mixes have some production work done on his tunes. They're probably recorded one voice at a time and then mixed with effects to produce the sound of the recording. To achieve surround, that is what you need to do: Record one voice at a time and then place the voices to surround mix.

If you have dual-sid setup, having different type of SID (6581/8580) panned to left and right will cause a stereo-effect that sounds very nice for some tunes. I don't know foobar2k, so I have no idea what sort of mixing possible with it. On paper it has good sid-emulation(resid-fp). So at least that is covered. I do not believe it will do the Huelsbeck sid-anthology-sound it self.

Huelsbecks sid-anthology work is part of the "remix" movement. New, re-produced , re-mixed and recorded versions of the original tunes that were made for c-64, I've done few my self. I am glad that C-64 music has listeners even today, but sometimes it is annoying how those remixes and emulation obscure what the original sounds like. But then again, kids think that rap is music, what can you do. :(
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rap may not be music, but hip hop is!
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Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence

that is from wikipedia..

if we dance with it, rap is music..
so is taking a shit and driving a car..
killing with a gun and playing video games..
adding reverb to old sid is also music.
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Once we used some no-name (eastern block) bass guitar valve amplifier with generic spring echo -- sounded surprisingly right. Our breadbox had 8580 in it.

Oh, wait...
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I love the sound of the sid chip. I have a c64s with the 8580 chip (actually two, on a sid2sid bridge) and a Sidstation with the 6581 r3 chip.

But when I use it in my own music I treat them like any other instrument or soundsource and put appropiate compressors and effects on them if I like too.
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In headphones, this sounds quite nice:


I don't really know how and exactly what's done though :)
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It must be two sid chips btw...
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If you're going to listen to them emulated I suggest using VSID which comes with Vice, and get a nightly build from here which has changed the SID emulation a bit from the public version.

I found the 6581 default setup filters were a bit too open to how I remember them personally, so you can try Sid Settings/ReSID and change Passband to 50%, Gain to 97 and Filter bias to -20. That has enough of the 'rumble/distortion' without losing the high notes in the cutoff.

Personally I find mixing the channels out singularly is a bit of a false economy, for a start the songs weren't originally mixed that way so you'll have to go through each channel manually and adjust the volume curves. It's fine if you're the artist doing a remastered album but a lot of work for an enthusiast really.
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I must admit now, in after hand, that the "Programmable reverb DSP 1.2" with "Studio Medium" do have a bit too much reverb (I used it with much higher volume than I usually do, and I heard that). XMPlay seems to be the best player on Windows to play SID & Amiga-tunes (it can emulate stereo surround, and it got a good equalizer to rise bass-levels a bit & good reverb), so I skip foobar2000 for playing such music.
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@4mat: Thanks, I'll try that!
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