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Yup, you can contact us at that address, cxw.
added on the 2016-05-21 19:25:42 by DrClaw DrClaw
We’re pleased to announce the Friday night concert – ‘Velvet:Live’. This concert is organized in cooperation with the Artisan’s Asylum A/V Club and features live-controlled synth and sampler based house / acid / techno.

Musical Performers:
Andrew Carvey
Die Young
Rob Ticho vs. John Gonter

Visuals by
Jeff Mission – Projected visuals and LED light effects that react to dancing audience members.
Sacha Panic – ‘Traveling spaces’: A realtime generated, sound reactive, 3d projected, & VR experience.

Installation by
Luke Stark
A tightly packed mass of blinking lights and strange noises for your background entertainment.
added on the 2016-05-21 21:11:57 by DrClaw DrClaw
DrClaw: emailed Sat. - did it get caught in the spam filter? I didn't receive a bounce. Thanks!
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Reply sent!
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[x] Entry submitted
added on the 2016-05-29 05:49:00 by cxw cxw
Super stoked I can make it again this year :)
added on the 2016-05-29 08:08:01 by orby orby
In town already... Where do I get a decent breakfast near the partyplace?
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added on the 2016-06-05 19:21:14 by cxw cxw
Incoming, you got 2nd place FWIW ;)
added on the 2016-06-06 00:51:49 by DrClaw DrClaw
:) thanks!
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