If you play SNDH files on Linux, please let me know how!

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Code:~/Audio/Music/Collections/SNDH/SNDH43/sndh_lf/Marcer$ file Trust.sndh Trust.sndh: SNDH Atari ST music ~/Audio/Music/Collections/SNDH/SNDH43/sndh_lf/Marcer$ ymplayer Trust.sndh Error in loading file Trust.sndh: Unknow YM format ! ~/Audio/Music/Collections/SNDH/SNDH43/sndh_lf/Marcer$ moc Trust.sndh Trust.sndh:0: Note: No relevant classes found. No output generated. $

Tried xmms2, installed with the sc68 plugin.

Still, no luck.
Try Audio Overload or an ST emulator with STj installed. Yeah, would be pretty nifty to play them with moc though.
added on the 2016-03-03 10:58:53 by utz utz
Thanks utz, Audio Overload did it!