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WTF! Where is in4k.untergrund.net? in4k.northerndragons.ca is fucked up:( (Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_NAMESPACE, expecting T_STRING in /home/in4kadmin/in4k.northerndragons.ca/includes/Namespace.php on line 52)

Kind regards
Yeah it's been down for ages now. A quick search at archive.org shows that the last working snapshot is from 2013.
added on the 2016-07-23 23:22:14 by cce cce
Also, the information in in4k is/was sadly outdated. (especially on non-win platforms)

There are a few good links/articles though that might be worth saving.
added on the 2016-07-24 13:02:29 by ts ts
would be nice if this wiki would be reactivated, or it's info end up in a public github repo where ppl could just do a pull request to update any deprecated info.

it was a very useful reference for people getting into 1k/4k/8k.
added on the 2016-07-24 15:00:22 by psenough psenough
Barzoule has been notified at least.
added on the 2016-07-24 16:30:05 by Gargaj Gargaj
Hey everyone! So BarZoule reached out to me about this thread.

First, I'm really glad to see people still care about the site that that it was of value. Tonic and I built it ages ago, and I was really impressed to see several sceners adding great content to it. I did the heavy lifting of setting it up, but it was really Tonic that kept it running.

A few years back now, untergrund was going through some upgrades - and we got stuck on a legacy version of mediawiki - which has a case sensitivity problem. There's no direct or scriptable upgrade path from the version we were on.

In a quick effort to keep things running, I evacuated it to the same hosting provider that hosts the northern dragons, and placed in4k into a read only mode, so at least the content would be available. But alas, - php security issues hit us (again), and now we are at a place where it's not available.

In the short term - I'd like to get this back up and running, but have several projects "on the go", (including a high availability humanity cluster, a.k.a. twin boys).

Anyone who knows php / mysql (etc), and is willing to lend a hand can reach me at in4k@northerndragons.ca. I'll be happy to dust it off, and work anyone who's up for the challenge to help.

added on the 2016-07-26 05:19:15 by Polaris Polaris
I suppose there's something to be said about the durability of static html files. =)
added on the 2016-07-26 06:59:36 by sol_hsa sol_hsa
i know php and mysql and wouldn't mind giving a hand putting this back up and running. but as i mentioned previously i have doubts that a wiki is the best solution, purely for it's maintenance requirements, it takes more long term maintenance work than the github pages i suggested for example.
added on the 2016-07-26 13:19:45 by psenough psenough
re the gh-pages suggestion, I know I'd prefer to contribute by writing markdown locally than use an online wiki editor at this point
added on the 2016-07-26 13:57:08 by ferris ferris
A bunch of .md files in a github repository would do.
added on the 2016-07-26 14:27:12 by p01 p01
started cloning it to github https://github.com/in4k/in4k/wiki

please let me know your github usernames to add you to the group (any person interested in contributing without having to do pull requests i guess)
added on the 2016-07-26 15:46:43 by psenough psenough
some links to internal wiki pages on web archive are broken (not captured or only captured when it was giving php errors) so if you have the original database somewhere, it would be useful to have access to, to fill the gaps
added on the 2016-07-26 16:31:25 by psenough psenough
another idea i just had was to use the github group to also add a few other repos to the group (or fork something existant from someone else's project on github), to have a list of 1k/4k/8k tools and baseline code all listed under the same in4k group.
added on the 2016-07-26 16:34:07 by psenough psenough
i'm thinking atleast those 1k boilerplates from iq and hitchikr would be useful to have listed.
added on the 2016-07-26 16:36:50 by psenough psenough
can't find polaris, tonic, iq or auld on github :(
added on the 2016-07-27 00:55:25 by psenough psenough
did a little more work to actually use the repo instead of just the wiki, jekyll is working: https://in4k.github.io still needs to be configured to use same template as github markdown preview, and move the already converted wiki pages into the repo, and finish converting the mediawiki from web.archive.org to markdown.

anyone willing to help out with any of this feel free to get in touch and i'll add you to the group
added on the 2016-07-27 02:45:25 by psenough psenough
psenough, Did you email me? I think the first part would be to assemble a group of people, discuss and decide on a plan of action, and go from there. I appreciate the enthusiasm - but step #1 - would be to email me, and I can help co-ordinate all the interested parties!


added on the 2016-07-27 03:57:57 by Polaris Polaris
sorry if i stepped on any toes, didn't register the "mail me" part of your first post. while browsing web.archive.org to take a look at what was there i decided to just go for it, since they aren't all that many pages overall, did a few of them while waiting on a skype meeting to end and ended up trying to get jekyll working on the repo when i got home.

mailed you now.
added on the 2016-07-27 04:22:50 by psenough psenough
No concerns at all; let's just
a) assemble a team
b) decide on an approach
c) make it happen

Happy to have you on board!
added on the 2016-07-27 04:58:34 by Polaris Polaris
psenough: thanks for the group invite on github; I accepted but I need to add a disclaimer that the reason I didn't ask to join was that I don't think I'll be contributing much at this point. That said, I do like to keep an eye on it and find it interesting, so I don't mind being a part of that group. Feel free to remove me if you'd like :) (I guess plans will change a bit after you've discussed with Polaris anyways)
added on the 2016-07-27 09:53:16 by ferris ferris
Ferris - toss me an email if you are up for helping us out!

added on the 2016-07-27 13:12:47 by Polaris Polaris
Looking at what exists the archive.org page, my collection of FreeBSD/Linux ELF 4k tricks in github page for dnload seems a bit more complete. You're free to use that or link to it however you want.
added on the 2016-07-27 14:05:11 by Trilkk Trilkk
Thanks Trilkk,

We have the original database so my hope is to build full mirror off the actual content.
But step #1 - assemble anyone willing to help out.

Anyone whom emails to in4k@northerndragons.ca, will be included in the discussion (and decide as a group) on what happens next.

Still giving it a few days to see how many interested parties we can get.
added on the 2016-07-28 05:47:39 by Polaris Polaris
I can do a quick write-up + examples on size coding on iPad if there's any interest at all in that.

It's possible to code decent stuff actually on the iPad now, using iOS 10 (still in beta) and 'Swift Playgrounds" (free app from apple). Decent coding keyboard (for touch at least), full access to hardware, full OpenGL ES and Metal support. It's interpreted rather than compiled. 4K is easily doable, 1K might be possible :)

Not-great party coded example, exe gfx I did for sundown: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=67806 (simple raymarcher, 1.5KB)
added on the 2016-07-29 12:29:35 by psonice psonice
Hey Psonice,

I think that sounds awesome. Our first goal will be bringing back the original content of in4k online, and our second phase (I imagine) will be making a new place to collaborate.

Will keep you posted!

added on the 2016-08-02 04:03:21 by Polaris Polaris