Musicians wanted for a PC game project

category: music [glöplog]
Hello together,
I am developing a (German) PC game, and I am looking for several music modules in XM format.
The game is being developed and financed by donations.
It is a new part of the Biing! series back from 1994/1999 and will become an oldschool 2d economic simulation game.
The project is semi-commercial:
- Steam sale is planned, but just to get the money back, we spent while developing

Who would be interested to offer (Best: for free!) music modules with the required licenses for me?
A first (very first) video is available on youtube (With just choosen modules, just added as a preview)

German comments!

Also, English, and French translations are planned, too.

Please contact me here!

Cheers to all musicians!

A good place to look for might be Indie Game Music.
clicked on the youtube and did not expect it to be *that* graphic son! Dayum!
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