Negative commentry (again?)

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I hate Generals in German.

What about der böse general foliba?
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I've been there myself bigtime. Pointing out everything I dislike about a production. Sometimes productively. Sometimes engaged in dickmode, being absolutely disrespectful. Because I was annoyed. About people staying beneath their possibilities. Or simply not understanding why the fuck a production is the way it simply is.

Until I figured out, that my remarks say more about me than those who made a production. Very often I was just sad I didn't contribute to anything in a compo. Alongside with being angry about myself for not doing something. Or jealous in a way that I talked myself into "why this sucks".

Or I simply expected someone to give me a novel experience to be happy about it. Which, if it didn't happen, left my inner monkey frustrated cause he didn't get a banana this time. At the bottom line - my comments said more about me being unsatisfied with my life. Or maybe just an asshole that needed to vent air somewhere.

Now, I can't go back and slap myself in the face yelling "get your own shit together man!". I'm not deeply sorry either. Cause I was behaving to the best of my abilities. Luckily it didn't happen that often. What I regret was being unable to take good care of myself. And see the progress in things. As well as the context in which something was made. And just shut the fuck up and value it.

I'd like you to let this sink in for a moment before you write some non-constructive crap under the free work of someone else next time. Keep in mind: it might reveal more about you outsourcing your *whatever it is* than those you critique.

My 2 cents.

As long as it's properly motivated, to me the votes have to represent what it says: rules, sucks, or in between. A more fine-grained scale would make it less bipolar and cause less agitation. We use this scale at demoparties but not here.

It's hard to rule. Musicians face the same landscape of their new song in the context of decades of previous songs. Would watch again is a decent rule of ...thumb for demos as would listen again is for music.

I think each vote needs motivation. If you thumb up you can just say what you liked about it. Piggy and thumb down is harder, so some work should be put into your comment.

Authors should ignore thumbdowns with feeble motivations. But don't dismiss them if they're knowledgeable, follow up instead. Because this is sort of the school of cool, and if you're not you should know it, or better yet, release anyway and next time you know enough to dare to expect praise.

The day the Demoscene is a backslapping contest is the day it dies. So the scene is dead(c), surprise! :D And I've caught myself doing it as well.

But in the best of worlds, an author wouldn't want praise in the form of a casual vote or support vote or a 5 minute "Youtube, hehe, nice" vote. Or a friend or a fan vote. You'd want a vote on just the demo, what you released. Not on the time you spent, because you spent it gladly because this is what you like to do, and if that's the case then votes don't matter.

But we do this because we want to be liked and admired and therein lies the crux.
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