Cool places to see/visit/do in Netherlands (Rotterdam/Amsterdam).

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Hello sceners!

Currently visiting the Netherlands (Rotterdam/Amsterdam).

I will be visiting a museum on Schiedam tommorow to see this exhibition:
http://stedelijkmuseumschiedam.nl/nl/component/content/article/9-uncategorised/5 63-eye-attack-op-art-and-kinetic-art-en

But except that, I'd be glad to receive recommendations and tips on what to see/visit/do in either Rotterdam or Amsterdam.
what about smoking weed and shagging some whores, didn't you read the brochure before coming here?
Go to the retro shop in Amsterdam and a pub called The Wildeman :D
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NY Sour Diesel
Super Silver Haze
Amnesia Haze

Top 3 places to visit
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Rotterdam isn't much of a city to look at, unless you're really into 1950s+ architecture that is, but it sure is a great city to experience. I've only ever been there as a tourist and I really like it. Between the few sights it has, be sure to go on foot, not by tram/metro. There's stuff to see and to do all over the place. The nicest pieces of Rotterdam are there for the Rotterdammers, not the tourists (and fortunately that's most pieces because there aren't many tourists). That makes them pretty real, geniune, somehow.

On a weekday early evenings, visit the Witte de Withstraat. It's the hip/artsy bar district of town, and way too busy in weekends, but on less busy days it really shows its soul. Usually there's at least one temporarily empty building with some quirky student-run art show or something similarly unexpected.
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Quick reply - on the move atm:
There is a fleamarket in a house. It's a pretty ugly looking concrete block. But people makeshift small stalls to sell junk in. It's mostly retro 70's radios and stuff, but I got some cool old PC games there too. Maybe some local knows where it is and if it still exists?
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Have a 1 euro breakfast at Ikea on sunday morning
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I'm most probably gonna stay in Nederlander for to extra days...so keep the suggestions coming.

I'm thinking hostel, but then I remember how fucking destroyed I was after last years party, so I'm not sure communal living would be ideal the first night.

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The Markthal at Rotterdam by the Blaak station is architecturally amazing and very nice in general. The old port of Rotterdam nearby is kinda cool too and they have 1.5 hour cruises leaving from the the new port. I like the Rotterdam Chinatown.

Amsterdam has lovely street markets. Dappermarkt and Ten Katemarkt aren't as touristy as Albert Cuyp or Waterlooplein. De Hallen by Ten Katemarkt has cool streetfood, some funky stores and often events in the weekends.

OT301 has cool parties and other events. http://ot301.nl/page=site.home#page-index%281%29

There's a pretty cool even if tiny hologram shop in the center of Amsterdam.

You might also enjoy the Escher museum in the Hague, which is in an old palace.

And of course eat tons of Indonesian food.
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I've been to the screensaver thing.
One should definity get the audio guide.
Lots of trivial information.
Still though nothing advanced (like Electric Ship).
I actually just came in here to see if someone already said what Maali actually said. And since that "if" came back =true, i had to smile and left this comment :-)

Is gabber still a big thing in rotterdam? If one is into that style, i guess, a visit to an authentic location/event whilst staying in rotterdam is mandatory, then, i guess.
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Is gabber still a big thing in rotterdam?

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Red Light District and the night clubs in Utrecht
I'll hijack the thread a bit. We're going to Roadburn Festival in Tilburg the week after Revision and since we're late in booking (as always), everything nice in Amsterdam seems super expensive. We're thinking of spending a few days vacationing somewhere in the Netherlands before the festival. Which other cities should we look at ? Our interests lie basically within the triangle of good sleep, hipster food and interesting things/landscapes/sea to look at. (damn I feel old now)
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I know for a fact that the Gronigen Fish market is worth a visit. If you're into seafood, that is.
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Hanging around at Leidseplein having some AK47... the markets splattered all over Amsterdam are nice, like Albert-Cuyp-Market or the Flower Market. And don't miss the Rijksmuseum, it's fucking imressive... skip anything van Gogh, overrated and boring. And always visit the red light district ;-) Lot's of beauty, beer and Bulldogs.
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try utrecht, or, if you can deal with a long train ride and wanna explore the more catholic laidback nearly belgium part of .nl, try maastricht ;)
Side note... if you come by train, there is the tourist information directly infront of the railway station. Simply go there, they help you with rooms, have maps, whatever. Really, this is all inclusive service!
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I like Van Gogh...

Also ticket ordered time.
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