RIP Nectarine... AGAIN!

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For those who don't know, Nectarine contains a massive amount of content created by sceners. Music and metadata. Song info, history, comments, song relations, tags, ratings, prod links. And there is actual Necta-only music like jingles, but also full tunes. For example, many of my Scenecompos compo entries aren't really available anywhere else, and I've even made some tunes that have only ever been uploaded to Nectarine and nowhere else, so if you want to hear them, you have to listen to Necta.
added on the 2018-06-18 18:31:48 by yzi yzi
I used nectarine for many years. It was good fun and the music was great. Maybe all things must come to end sometime. Many thanks to arab for administrating the site, I hope good things for your future! :)
added on the 2018-06-18 18:48:30 by rage rage
Hey, alright! That newly-added paragraph, on the site, brings new hope! I'm glad that arab just "tucked away" the site, instead of erasing it, and I'm looking forward to what may come!

Good luck, arab! And, thank you, for the many years of service!

(Also, super-glad to see CyborgJeff chime in on the "spat" issue! Was wondering, about that!)
After this has been sorted out properly, I think a retroactive beer fund deposit is in order. (while waiting for it I'll just have to drink it all myself)
added on the 2018-06-18 21:52:01 by yzi yzi
Adhering to the artist wishes is important and I appreciate CJ's POV. Finding license info or contacting artists directly about adding new tracks was something I took seriously -- especially with tracks that may not have been directly related to a known demo/compo/release. Apparently there was no policy, but it just made sense to do. Asking (nicely) to host some smaller subset after a takedown request would have been okay... and changing the "banned" keyword (e.g. "archived"). In any case, in some future time, all these edge cases will we implemented in a new Necta, with blackjack and hookers.
added on the 2018-06-18 22:00:14 by velusip velusip
While we are all waiting for a decision/solution for the future of nectarine, how about bridging the gap with a nectarine show presenting a playlist of the more popular songs played there? I am sure scenesat would glady host it but of course theres a lot of ways and servers you could do this on.
At least this would be something constructive =)
added on the 2018-06-18 22:30:03 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
Have to agree with Gargaj on this one.

If Nectarine doesn't come back maybe we learn something from this..
added on the 2018-06-18 22:59:30 by 1in10 1in10
I think this is a pretty learnable moment regardless of the outcome.

the stream source software ems to be live again
-software -se +seems
It's a little bit like running amok: I am hurt so I use a tool to make everybody else hurt too. You can step down from an administrator position without burning down the whole IT. Just leave it unattended until someone else steps up.

I liked the old Nectarine under the control of Yes/Scoopex better. It was a nice touch that you could do your own style sheets (I did an ATARI 8 Bit one) and the queue system was much better balanced.
added on the 2018-06-18 23:35:46 by Salinga Salinga
The newer one let you create and use custom style sheets. We probably had 11 or so.
Found the old Nectarine index.html on my disk I used to develop the ATARI CSS. :*)

added on the 2018-06-18 23:43:53 by Salinga Salinga
Man, that is a blast from the past. Thanks for posting that, Salinga.
added on the 2018-06-18 23:51:27 by Oldchap Oldchap
03/06/2005 wow :)
added on the 2018-06-19 00:32:06 by keops keops
That makes me quite nostalgic.

By the way, here's a temporary stream much thanks to ers35:

No need to go into withdrawals for your beloved scenemusic....
added on the 2018-06-19 01:52:50 by Oldchap Oldchap
...And I wondered why I haven’t been frequenting the Infamous Oneliner much.

Good to hear the music database hasn’t been lost. In the end, no one really wants to see it gone again – and that’s the most positive thing to take away from this incident.

Agree with Gargaj’s longpost on page 3. It hurts to see Nectarine down, but I do understand where that was coming from.
added on the 2018-06-19 02:28:01 by MyO MyO
I really appreciate all the hard work the admins of the site performed. I got tons of joy from it and they don't owe me anything at all. If they have to take it down, I'm sad about it, but they can do what they want and I hope it finds a way to come back up again.

It actually might be a cool idea to also make semi-regular backups of sites like this on archive.org. The scene deserves preservation.
added on the 2018-06-19 03:09:31 by elblanco elblanco
hmm i wonder if there could be some sort of inter-site API so that sites with overlapping spheres of interests could share data, back each other up &c, like some kind of distributed Scene Network
Yep... I should admit mention "archived" in cas of "banned" would be a complete different view. that kept a story of the musics present on Nectarine by the past without that feeling of sanction.
Hope Necta is back up again soon! I agree with Oldchap's comments (see page 1), the first one has wise words and I agree!
added on the 2018-06-19 13:12:47 by Rapture Rapture
If current admin lost interest in it he should have just asked for someone else to take over the page

If that's the case then, wouldn't it be more reasonable to pass the site to someone else from the community or admin/moderator team?

Wondered this myself. Without knowing all the details and only visiting the site once every year or so, this sounds like a reasonable way to solve a conflict.

Running a site this large can be incredibly frustrating, even if the actual "running" doesn't require you to do it as a full-time job and most of the time it doesn't involve your time and money.
Understandable. I'm greatefull to all those who invest their time and love to keep things running. Much respect to all sysyem administrators out there!
added on the 2018-06-19 13:41:37 by numtek numtek

Not a regular user here, but used to spend some time on it occasionally.

Nectarine was (and still is) a part of the demoscene. That's sad news.
added on the 2018-06-19 15:48:31 by norecess norecess
waiting for The Next Big Thing
added on the 2018-06-19 16:01:20 by nagz nagz