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Hmm, at least some demos have gone viral as well (like "Debris") though I agree that this wasn't the original intention.

TV and movie productions also sometimes contain self-ironic "insider" references, and I don't have the impression that this is more frequent in demos.

I've always found it a much rawer and unique medium with it's own rules and aspirations, trying to apply the rules of other mediums to it doesn't really work for me at least

Agreed. I consider the demo scene a playground for artistically minded people.

There -undeniably- are other aspects to it (like size optimizated prods / pure tech demos) but those are at least not _my_ preferred cups of tea.
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There you say one thing. Size optimized prods / pure tech demos are more closely related to the first demos. Why do I say that? Because Im sure optimization was part of it. Wasting bytes was most likely not smart, because of memory and storage limitations. Maybe the first demo contained the most of all worlds, music, good code and graphics. Strict rules of what is a demo and if any of those rules are not met, then exclude the concept of demo altogether. if (ruleA & ruleB & ruleC etc..) == 0 then NOT A DEMO else A DEMO. Use an AND gate on all the rules that has to be true. You could not waste bytes, there wasnt enough memory to just waste it for bad ugly and slow code... and so likely SPEED had to be optimized, not we must understand that the instruction set might not have that many instructions, or atleast it might have been possible to using faster instructions to do the same thing. Memory was slow, blahblah.

All this non-sense directs back to:
- technology: clock-speed, instrucion set, music-chip, graphics-chip
- what is the definition of a demo back in the day (70s, 80s) versus today
- who has the right to define what a demo was back 30+ years ago

I dont really see how CGI has any relation to demo, because its purpose was for movie, commercial, advert logo or whatever. Computers were so expensive only universities or big companies could afford and those were for technical minded people doing research for some special project.
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Computer generated images (CGI) don't have any relation to demos ? I don't think so.

But yeah, especially in the early days missing / bad optimization was a deal breaker.

Nowadays we can get away with sub-optimal code and put more focus on the content.
(but please don't misunderstand this, I _do_ think that optimizations are still important since the goal posts have shifted. good code + good content are still a winning combination!)

The clips in the video I was referring to were done using analog equipment, btw. That's were it all began before digital approximations became viable.
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Scanimate Clips (the video I posted the first time around)

I am very well aware of how the demo scene evolved from the 80ies "cracktro" scene.

It happened for the very same reasons as those commercials, i.e. they were intended to increase public awareness and impress the audience with audio / visual fx.
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new evidence:
https://youtu.be/uHQ4WCU1WQc?t=1844 "Ahoy : The First Video Game"
shows (at the linked time, 30:44 ff) a system named EDSAC, derived from systems that used a cathode-ray storage system of which the output was duplicated to another CRT, and were able to display "graphics", and furthermore EDSAC used Mercury-Delay-Line-Memory and displayed this :

BB Image

BB Image

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EDSAC EDSAC
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