303 Gabber Request

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maytz: drop bass network is def a deep well of nice stuff, must add I-F / Unit Moebius / Atlantik Wall / Bunker Records to this. BUT, it needs more gabber :-)
I-F Untitled (Atlantik Wall / Bunker Records) (for some obscure reason, i have all of these on vinyl)
Big thx for the other links!
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another gem i adore: The Mover - At The Abyss Of Deception (misses obvious 303, tho)
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and one more from the brigther side (i am so happy i saw them live and their sampler died :-D ) Ilsa Gold - Up
added on the 2019-09-18 02:17:51 by wertstahl wertstahl
this always gets my motor running: Haardcore - Toxic

and hey, why not toot my own horn: ghetto b-boyz - ping pong
https://youtu.be/kMUdJhzC9VY DBN005 - D.J. REPETE - Softy Mother Fucker - "Lethal Enforcer"
added on the 2019-09-18 17:20:10 by maytz maytz
and one more from the brigther side (i am so happy i saw them live and their sampler died :-D ) Ilsa Gold - Up

I've got "Up" on Dataflow UK, and because of that for years I thought Ilsa Gold was yet another alias for Lee Newman and Michael Wells (Technohead/GTO/etc.) :)
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Is this thread now, to link oldschool hardcore / gabber or do you search for amiga mods in this genre?
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D4XX: if you got any amiga mods of this now more and more clarifying "style" even if you remember prods that use sound like that, you are *very* welcome to put them in here, lets make this a nice collection of OOMTZ-DAO :-)
added on the 2019-09-18 20:23:25 by wertstahl wertstahl
I want to get an overview of what was done, what sounds nice, collect and learn.
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I am not asking in a techno forum, because i know that this music was reflected strongly in the demoscene, and getting hands on actual tracker files would provide much insight, also making this sound with a tracker is (as i have recently learned) a special challenge of its own.
added on the 2019-09-18 20:30:03 by wertstahl wertstahl
Neophyte and Noisecontrollers also made their first tunes with trackers.
Neophyte used 3 Amigas to produce Hardcore. I wonder why we never have seen such mods public.
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i made a few hardcore mods in past. But mostly copies of original thunderdome stuff. have a few own hardcore tunes. but without acid sounds...


off1k have a lot of compilations with mods online.
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https://youtu.be/vcF8n1FJs44 :Tellurian - Guyver - (FULL TUNE) 1996 Gabba Techno
added on the 2019-09-19 15:38:13 by maytz maytz
thank you all so much for your input, really awesome. let me tentatively conclude this brief mission with the (most offtopic as usual) gabber/speedcore track i personally love the most, and - be greeted, earthlings: you all know who you are under. fucking. ground. <3
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