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next beer please
added on the 2019-12-20 16:24:30 by g0blinish g0blinish
Once upon a time there was a rabbit and he went to the baker. he asked: baker do you have carrot cake??????? no says the baker and sadly the rabbit went home. the next day the rabbit went back to the baker baker you have carrot cake?? no says the baker and sadly the rabbit went home. then the baker thought I was going to bake carrot cake. and he was baking carrot cake for twelve hours. the next day the rabbit came back to the baker baker you have carrot cake? yes the baker says I have carrot cake. the rabbit says: dirty huh?????????

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I wonder if Truck's Double/Triple Bastard beer is open source ...
added on the 2019-12-20 16:43:18 by Steel Steel
Stääl are you in untappd?
added on the 2019-12-20 16:50:33 by Serpent Serpent
Sir Pants! ... no I usually don't drink these strong beers ... just got it as an end-of-contract gift from https://getbarry.dk, a danish startup funded by finnish Fortum
added on the 2019-12-20 17:03:56 by Steel Steel
Funded by "finnish" Fortum, didn't know how good use it would go when some bastard from bastard party sold it. I still would prefer not selling it.
added on the 2019-12-20 19:51:59 by Serpent Serpent
i'm not sure if it qualify as "open source", but Brewdog provide a lot of detailed info about their (excellent) beers - https://brewdogrecipes.com/recipes
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added on the 2019-12-27 10:56:52 by Steel Steel