Pouet BLOCKED by google

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so... pouet was flagged as malicious and demozoo was not? i wonder wonder who reported pouet...
added on the 2020-04-13 18:18:58 by wertstahl wertstahl
Demozoo gets the fraction of traffic Pouet does.
added on the 2020-04-13 18:26:21 by Gargaj Gargaj
i wonder wonder who reported pouet...

my guess would be:
youtube, bot-crawling links from the video descriptions and running sub-links content through that kind of SW (*) which marks all digitally unsigned and packed/obfuscated files as danger/threat/virus (*: can't recall the name... I think it was two-word, one of them "virus" ... "applyvirus" SW? something like that).

The good part is, that youtube is also google, so they can quickly restore it everything back, right? ... ... :) ... ... *grin*
added on the 2020-04-13 19:12:19 by Ped Ped
(saving the link here to centralize) Bero^FR also got same problem w/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb6Ay3PLyLg
added on the 2020-04-13 20:00:08 by winden winden
i wonder wonder who reported pouet...

Probably it was not a "who" but some brand new system powered by Artificial Stupidity and Machine Laming.
added on the 2020-04-13 20:30:21 by ham ham
hm. Gargaj: was any reason or event disclosed to you that lead to the flagging?
added on the 2020-04-13 20:56:20 by wertstahl wertstahl
To quote Gargaj on Discord:

pouet lnks to compressed executables, malware scanners freak out
above enough freakout reports, google shuts access down
revision causes a lot of hits -> a lot of reports
added on the 2020-04-13 20:57:37 by kb_ kb_
That's only my conjecture, btw, but it seems to be the most reasonable explanation given the timing.
added on the 2020-04-13 20:58:34 by Gargaj Gargaj
Sounds reasonable. Chrome/Firefox scan downloads so if an exe is getting flagged at that stage, they probably send the URL _and_ the referrer URL to some service -> boom, a lot of Pouet references.
added on the 2020-04-13 21:04:02 by kb_ kb_
The number of times I've tried to download demos, even Amiga demos which are 680x0 code as opposed to Intel code, and have the downloads blocked because Chrome thinks I'm downloading viruses, is insane! I hate having to manually force it to download them!

And even when I have downloaded them and try to run some PC demos, Windows halts them in their tracks for the same reason, which is frickin' annoying!
added on the 2020-04-13 21:26:25 by Foebane72 Foebane72
blind automatism must be the reason, everything else makes not much sense.
added on the 2020-04-13 21:30:04 by gentleman gentleman
I doubt the malware flagging is triggered by the amount of total hits, but more likely by the amount of fresh malware detections: Higher number of new files due to large party = more false positives due to files not yet blacklisted.

Not sure if alfagoogletubes rating works like this, but other "security" systems just require a single (potentially false and not manually checked) incident to blacklist a resource at least temporarily.
added on the 2020-04-13 22:30:32 by T$ T$
quasi the sudden onset of reports of people downloading small unknown software with multiple names from the same source via a large aggregator. that sounds plausible. nice threat scenario. means: after this, pouet is "certified" clean, so to speak :-D
added on the 2020-04-13 23:40:10 by wertstahl wertstahl
Is the whole untergrund.net also blocked, or is it only my account? I cannot download my own demos :( My personal website is also blocked. Oh boy. Any advice?
added on the 2020-04-14 12:34:00 by iq iq
iq: untergrund has those troubles for quite a while now. however you still can dl the stuff from the ftp (at least with ff). but it seems at least not every website on untergrund is blocked. you might try to reach out to scamp.
I haven't worked in Google for several years now, but to put it like this: If the scene.org server had some kind of virus that infected a bunch of Revision releases, which meant Pouët suddenly became a massive hub for spreading said virus, what would you have Google's systems do? (Assume for the sake of the argument that the situation was pretty much indistinguishable from that, given the outputs from the virus scanners run.)
added on the 2020-04-14 13:12:40 by Sesse Sesse
change browser to something better without any links to google?
added on the 2020-04-14 13:26:14 by leGend leGend
change browser to something better without any links to google?

Like what? Google, Firefox, Safari and Opera was affected - that basically leaves Edge?
added on the 2020-04-14 13:36:58 by Gargaj Gargaj
Has not Edge switched to the Chromium engine as well?
added on the 2020-04-14 13:45:27 by Dbug Dbug
Assume for the sake of the argument that the situation was pretty much indistinguishable from that, given the outputs from the virus scanners run.

But that assumption is the crux here; everyone in the chain just gives a little less shit than the previous.
added on the 2020-04-14 14:17:06 by Gargaj Gargaj
this Firefox fork didnt say anything about any google stuff (not that g stuff could get inside the inner network anyway)

may want to disable such warnings from those other browsers? seem they do no good and put your data to google eh? ;)
added on the 2020-04-14 17:06:37 by leGend leGend
I don't remember ever enabling it for mainline Firefox.
added on the 2020-04-14 17:08:28 by Gargaj Gargaj
My update: Strikes were removed, URLs are back in video description. No notifications at all, just a silent fix, but I guess that's better than having it broken.
added on the 2020-04-14 19:09:31 by trixter trixter
Assume for the sake of the argument that the situation was pretty much indistinguishable from that, given the outputs from the virus scanners run.

With the current state of antivirus SW (basically flagging every executable which is not signed by public key of some large SW vendors) I think the google should do nothing and not care about windows users and people who want to run some executable from web. The amount of false positives I see around retro scene makes the whole concept of AV SW basically void. Does it even catch some real threats nowadays?

Maybe I have very skewed point of view, because as linux user I haven't seen virus on my machine for 15+ years, but pretty much *every* version of Z80 assembler I'm contributing to is flagged by windows defender/Avast/etc... and the best part is that often the AV fails to open the notification (or users are blind? Could be, they probably are, considering some other issues reported by them...), so people keep reporting me things like "executable does nothing, just vanish" ... it's really irritating lately (last ~5 years), I have difficult time to recall version of EXE which was NOT flagged...
added on the 2020-04-17 13:46:31 by Ped Ped
Signing makes no difference, btw.
added on the 2020-04-17 14:07:24 by Gargaj Gargaj