Origin of handles

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Preacher, for some reason I would bet that your handle is from Fields Of The Nephilim song :/
added on the 2020-07-14 21:27:13 by rutra80 rutra80
I knew the WYSIWTF cartoon, and it's hard to beat as a demoscene handle. But... a countermeasure to anti-negro-farts? So far the Emod story wins hands down. :) Hellmood and El Topo are good too.
added on the 2020-07-14 21:31:37 by bifat bifat
Mine consists of two parts, a soft "num" and a much harder "tek", symbolising contrast.
added on the 2020-07-14 21:36:16 by numtek numtek
Rutra80: no, unfortunately not. They're among my very top bands though, but I discovered them way past my teenage years...
added on the 2020-07-14 21:44:28 by Preacher Preacher
Emod is an ancient nordic name, invented around 1987 when playing scrabble with somewhat custom rules. My opponent wrote "anti-negro-farts" , that was counterattacked with "Emod" five times in a row. A nose punch and the physical destruction of the board game itself prevented any winner to emerge.

My handle is a reference to Emod's, spelling scrabble with somewhat custom rules.
added on the 2020-07-14 22:07:40 by skrebbel skrebbel
Mine was originally Spiny Norman, the giant hedgehog from Monty Python, but got shortened over the years to just spiny :)
My real name is not Norman :)
added on the 2020-07-14 22:35:43 by spiny spiny
In the begining it was TEMA SOFTWARE (TEMA came from my real name) and then I changed it to Hammεr. After a couple of years I thought it's lame. That time a played with the first Need For Speed a lot. And there was the unlockable track: Lost Vegas
The factory best times was something like this:

BB Image

I saw the hande HYPOTHRAXER and that was it. But when I typed it in for the first time, I realized it's cool, but my nick (for IRC) needs to be shorter. So I've dropped the HYPO and the H and the ER from THRAXER. but. TRAX was a pretty lame midi editor (an extra ware for my cheap SBPRO compatible soundcard), so I put an additional X at the and and forgot the all caps.
Actually this is still my handle, but many high score table let only 3 letters, so I shorted it to TrX.

...and later one of my friends (the sysop of the Hungarian Madhouse BBS) said TrX means Terminal Rekeszizom eXchange.
(rekeszizom = diaphragm)
added on the 2020-07-14 23:05:36 by TrX TrX
Was apparently my favorite book when I was young, got a nickname from that, and that got Internetified to the current spelling.

And I always thought you like "Only fools and Horses" :)
added on the 2020-07-15 00:02:33 by teo teo
people think I got it from this star or this pokémon, but honestly, I have no clue.
added on the 2020-07-15 00:41:32 by porocyon porocyon
my first syn was c0c00n...obviously taken from the movies....i am still proud on the 0s, being the cocoons emselves!
My first handle was Dragon Slayer with basically no specific background besides being into fantasy themes back then. I also had this necklace which inspired it the handle:

BB Image

Because it was too generic I changed my handle to "rac" in 1998. It was based on the initials of Randolph Carter, a fictional character from the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Initially it was "rc", however cer^dug remarked that it was already used as a shorthand for "Rectum Cauda", some demo group from Scandinavia. So I changed it to "rac" which was more technical as it sounds like "rack" and it also matched the length of cer^dug's handle.

Some years later I became aware that it is also a shorthand for "rock against communism", which was not intended by me. Nevertheless, I didn't bother to change it.
added on the 2020-07-15 07:32:53 by rac rac
Originally switched from a DJ name with umlauts to something more tracker and online compatible (and very generic), "Rain". After a couple of years I wanted it to have more personality and less conflicts on IRCNet so I stuck an A at the end and became adamant about all lowercase and Finnish pronunciation. This was as recently as around 2000 and dangerously close to raana/wAMMA so I don't know if I'll stick with it...
added on the 2020-07-15 09:31:08 by raina raina
"A calf's (go-vatsa) hoofprint (padam)" (src: bhagavatam 10.2.30). I wanted a name not already taken (not an easy task these days), and since I like sanskrit, I found it there. :)
added on the 2020-07-15 11:28:24 by adkd adkd
I was 13, listening to a Nirvana song "School" where the refrain in lyrics is a looping "No Recessssss". In the end, pretty proud of that nickname, since yes, really, I have always been productive with something in mind to code.
added on the 2020-07-15 15:07:46 by norecess norecess
I think mine originated in "Fatman" of Dytec (my favorite Cracking Group intro wise in the 80s), but dunno exactly.. First it was "Madman" then "Mad".. Later I discovered that there are links to my real name. And I visited the mental hospital for two times for 3 months each.. So yeah pretty fitting or something..
added on the 2020-07-15 15:35:25 by mad mad
there's an old school turn based board game called "chess" and my name comes from one of the pieces. worth checking out if you never played it, pretty fun :)
added on the 2020-07-15 21:02:01 by blackpawn blackpawn
wotw.. some said its the warrior of the wind. But we all knew it was whiskey, ouzo, tequila and wine :P
added on the 2020-07-15 21:10:17 by Virgill Virgill
Mine describes the aftermath of eating hot chilli.
added on the 2020-07-18 01:50:38 by ringofyre ringofyre
same here!
the other hot chili eaten by sane people does not count. rich'n'clevor
added on the 2020-07-18 02:04:56 by gentleman gentleman
bolocks take half a meter. of science.
added on the 2020-07-18 02:21:00 by gentleman gentleman
I used to be a Jester, but there were too many. When my account on an international board got deleted in favour of one of the bigger names, I started looking for a new name.

Unknown of D.O.C was an early idol of mine, so I wanted something similarly secretive, looked at my disks, and voilá: NoName it was (later used only w/o the CamelCase).

BB Image
added on the 2020-07-18 10:34:24 by noname noname
Went to Sweden on holiday as a child. These shrubs grew practically everywhere:

BB Image

I was hooked for life.

And yes, I know it's technically a mistranslation. ;)
added on the 2020-07-18 11:58:25 by Blueberry Blueberry

Oh I had thought more about that :
BB Image

added on the 2020-07-18 13:44:22 by Aghnar Aghnar
@Aghnar: You thought wrong.
added on the 2020-07-18 20:14:06 by Blueberry Blueberry
It was around 2000, I was around 14 years old and my previous handle was "Neo DaXX" (From Matrix and DS9), and I decided that I need something more unique. It should sound cool and (slightly) dangerous - and in my teenage mind "venomsoup" was born.
10 years later or so, people at demoparties were just calling me v3nom and I silently dropped the "soup".
I'm not totally happy with the nick, but it could be worse :D
added on the 2020-07-18 20:50:20 by v3nom v3nom