Can I use any scene music for free?

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Or does MVG etc have individual signed contracts? Seems odd considering there is never no credits given.
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Can I use any scene music for free? No.

Usually copyrights belong solely to the authors UNLESS compo rules/contract OR author explicitly states the song's license to be "free"
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also i'm not a lawyer and the laws vary between countries etc etc
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No. You should contact the author and ask.
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There is a huge lack of giving credits on a lot of channels even if it is free music that has been used.
added on the 2020-11-14 14:40:09 by leGend leGend
If the music is on Soundcloud or on a similar site, there is a good change that it's tagged with a license of some sort which explicitly says how it can be legally used.
*chance even
Or does MVG etc have individual signed contracts? Seems odd considering there is never no credits given.

He asked me, when he used mine, and also got credited, plus he put my link into the description.
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If your name is Timbaland you should pay out of your nose for usage.
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Sometimes can be very difficult to contact active scene musicians, almost impossible to get in touch with those inactive.
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Doesn't matter. Even if they're hiding on an island and are not reachable, it doesn't give you the right to just go ahead and use their music. You will have to pick something different.
@AlienTech: That´s why it is a good idea to use a Creative Commons or similar license :)
added on the 2020-11-15 20:18:21 by T$ T$
If you take an old freely distributed song (which has no any license or other author's preferences given) and use it in your demo or a freeware game, chances are fairly good that the artist is fine with that and the state attorney doesn't care but I don't recommend doing this because some important people read this thread and they are against it.
Rule of thumb: unless "Free to use" is visibly and explicitly stated with any material: hands off unless permisson can be obtained (which becomes more and more rare). Also: there is a certain percentage of content that has "Free to use*" plastered all over it. Always read the *.readme, then.
Trivia: i asked a youtuber recently if i could use his drone footage in a non-commercial clip and he replied - since he has so many views and comments and so many parts of his footage used without permission, he hired an agency to take care of the matter. Therefore, he would be happy to be able to grant me the usage, but it would be impossible since he has no more individual control over the content. 👏👏👏 Well done, internet.
Trivia2: there are royalty sample packs and also fonts and clip-art out there, that say free to use. Which is for personal use, as long as it is unpublished. As soon as you publish, harsh fees apply, which is a business model, since they hope someone uses their stuff, get famous and the content-ID-detection-watchdogs bring back some bleeding pray. Bleeding money, that is. 👏👏👏
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[Edit] Trivia2: there are royalty free ...
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For scene productions, yes, as long as you give credits (though asking is better). That would be the view of the old school noncommercial scene, and thus is my view. For anything else, definitely ask the author. And if commercial, definitely pay.

It is also the view of the old school scene to keep politics, law and especially copyright law out of the scene, and as copyright law and rights management is a gigantic clusterf*ck, I am fully in favour of keeping it at arms length from the scene.

So, basically, if for scene productions, do as you feel like (though it's friendlier to ask if possible (and you could possibly get an exclusive remix)), if for anything else, definitely ask.
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do as you feel like

With that you assume that everyone has the same view as you, though. Please don't assume other people's opinion on copyright. If you are okay with other people using your work, say so in your work. That's the only way to be safe for both sides. Even in scene context I can imagine situations where people who are generally with their work being (re)used would complain about the usage.
That would be the view of the old school noncommercial scene

I would be surprised if that was ever the case.
added on the 2020-11-16 10:24:16 by Gargaj Gargaj
The interesting question is why some ppl think scenemusic should be free for commercial use? Not sure what's their logic? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?...
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I'm sure Timbaland as a simple answer for that. It's not like he stole our pro tools!
The interesting question is why some ppl think scenemusic should be free for commercial use?
I've seen "it's keygen music = the musician stole the game thus waiving all their rights" before. Also,
artist = crack group and
song title = cracked software name
added on the 2020-11-16 14:24:16 by raina raina
well you reap what you sow ;)

Hypnotic music, ambient at times (except rhythm)...

Still, if the music guy is ok for eg. CC-NC-SA (creative commons license), ask Elko, besides being a good whistler and a Strong opponent, he is using too much ""Chocolate"" (I mean drugs, in my opinion).

Creativity / Fascism ... Evolution / Devil ... Light buzz / Dextroamphetamine ... Dichotomic, no quicksort.
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