Cowee's Demoscene Christmas Calendar is here!

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Now, that year was a different kind of beast, huh?

We MountainBytes-orgas wanted to make up for the missed hugs and time together with you at demoparties. So what better time of the year is there to show that we're thinking of you?

Hope you enjoy our little Christmas story for the next 24 days, cozily narrated by Scenesat's Bombe, with a sugar-dripping score by bod, festively edited by mercury's own psykon. And perhaps some more friends will join the fun a bit later in the month... :)


Also, preorder your tickets for MountainBytes in February. Regulations and infection rates for Switzerland look very promising that we can actually make it... if we have enough sign-ups!
added on the 2020-12-01 10:55:38 by Shana Shana
added on the 2020-12-01 16:30:10 by Emod Emod
Good morning, everyone! Have another little festive treat!

added on the 2020-12-02 07:03:29 by Shana Shana
New day, new snippet of Cowee's Christmas calendar!

added on the 2020-12-03 07:30:57 by Shana Shana
Now isn't this WILD?

added on the 2020-12-04 06:20:27 by Shana Shana
We miss you and are thinking of you at least as as bad as Cowee does. <3

added on the 2020-12-05 06:34:55 by Shana Shana
Greetings back to Cowee!
Hope you like some 3D-printing!

added on the 2020-12-07 07:04:46 by Shana Shana
Just a naked room with a single computer. What could possibly make this festive?

added on the 2020-12-08 06:38:09 by Shana Shana
Well, a Christmas tree in Shadertoy, of course! (Thanks a lot to urs^mercury for helping Cowee with something several times more awesome than she could've come up with herself)


added on the 2020-12-09 06:08:59 by Shana Shana
Do you remember the OHP compos at Buenzli?

added on the 2020-12-10 07:02:13 by Shana Shana
COW WEE! \o/
added on the 2020-12-10 14:29:01 by havoc havoc
cow oui?
added on the 2020-12-10 14:34:35 by Maali Maali
no seriously, COW WEE is totally ossom, just google it, it's even supposed to be a COVID medicine \o/
added on the 2020-12-10 14:37:33 by havoc havoc
added on the 2020-12-10 14:40:55 by wullon wullon
I promise if cow wee makes for a COVID cure, we'll get enough for all of you at no extra charge!
...but it'll be outdoor showers then.
added on the 2020-12-10 15:00:42 by Shana Shana
After all, a tracker is just like one of those little music boxes, is it?

added on the 2020-12-11 07:43:37 by Shana Shana
Finally Cowee gets to meet the man of the hour. Introducing the one and only Sir Garbagetruck as Santa Claus! <3

added on the 2020-12-12 07:37:22 by Shana Shana
added on the 2020-12-13 00:02:47 by BarZoule BarZoule
Santa gladly doesn't seem to think Cowee has been naughty when snooping around. He seems to be a nice guy after all!

added on the 2020-12-13 06:49:51 by Shana Shana
How does Santa fit all the presents into one sack? Sizecoders would surely have the answer!

added on the 2020-12-14 05:42:34 by Shana Shana
Or imagine there was a machine that could help making the packages really, really small.


(Otherwise, the helpers may want to join the sizecoders on their new Discord server )
added on the 2020-12-15 06:20:49 by Shana Shana
Even at Christmas, there must be a last-minute-before-the-deadline scare to make for a good demoscene story. Or why would children in the US and the UK only receive their presents on Christmas Day?

added on the 2020-12-16 06:18:49 by Shana Shana
Not much to add to what Cowee is saying. We miss you. A lot.

added on the 2020-12-17 06:47:03 by Shana Shana