What are your personal top X demoscene productions?

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Hardwired - Silents & Crionics

Desert Dream - Kefrens

Technological Death - Mad Elks

242 - Virtual Dreams & Fairlight

You Should - Haujobb

Heaven Seven - Exceed

Elevated - RGBA

Debris - Farbrausch

Megalactic - Schengen Allstars

0010 1010 - FAN
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1) CDCs listed in my Pouet.net profile
2) Masagin
3) We were at
4) Midnight Sun
5) 0913 (Ultrasyd 😟)
6) Together (from this year!)
7) And many many more. Can't list all of them here :(
My favourite is IV Racer - The Lost Souls
Because it is a pure motivation. Very uplifting. When something wrong happening to me, I always watch it.
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From the wild category (too often crowded with videos of people puking or playing Counter Strike in real life — but that's another story) the one I often come back to is

amondó by Aenima
I love the man without a face. I love the pace. I love the chase. I love how the guy turns crazy. Kezdem veled! Kezdem veled!
Way too many to count, but I'll mention a few demos and tunes that I got to see and hear very early on, which all burnt right into my brain:

Axis - Unknown Territory
Anarchy - System Violation
Devils - Colors
Phenomena - Enigma
Scoopex - Mental Hangover
Budbrain Megademo
RSI - Megademo
Predators - Megademo
Spaceballs - State of the Art

More Tracks:
Walkman - Creative Human (from Vision Megademo)
Moby - Dragonsfunk
Jugi - Real Motivation (fantastic sax and piano)

That's not a full list, but all of these are partly responsible for getting me into music creation myself later on. So many great compositions. I once created a remix of Walkman's Creative Human track, 10 years before actively joining the scene, so it's never been released.

The icing on the cake for me however was, when myself and other sceners got to meet up in 2011 at Ziphoid's place in Stockholm for the Sound of SceneSat Vol. II reveal show. A friendly scener sitting next to me said: "Hi, I'm Firefox!" ... "wait, THAT Firefox? (Enigma musician)" "Yeah" .... "OMG!!!" That was so cool :D
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Farbrausch - Rove
ASD - Happiness is around the bend and Lifeforce. Damn, how everything just blends together with so much content and smart transitions. Greek god level.

A lot of the already mentioned things is on my list too.
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Memorize your Future by neuro.concept
When I saw this at Breakpoint 2005 (my first foreign party), I was in a really bad place mentally, stuck in the midst of depression and a relationship that was not working at all. The "Life - go just go"-message might feel a bit naive and preachy now, 16 years later, but back then I was young and stupid and it was exactly the thing I needed to hear, put like this. So that's what I did.

Rove by Farbrausch
I'm not usually the fan of this type of a demo, but this hit me all in the right feelings. Wayfinder's wistful music, the last Breakpoint, an evaporating long-term relationship with a distance that could not be bridged. A thousand years of Breakpoint. A thousand years of life.

Beta by Still
My favorite artist, done right. This was a demo concept I was planning on making myself, but I'm happy the Still people got there first. It's by far better than anything I could have gotten out of it.

There are hundreds more, of course.
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for me Second Reality ... don't know, if it was the first real demo I've ever seen but it feels so, it's so f**cking amazing!

And of course 8088MPH .. technically simply brilliant ...
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Is it possible to compile a list of coup de coeurs?
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I feel my knowledge is not extensive enough to answer but this thread seems not to be so busy after all, so here's my current faves...

United Force & Digital Dynamite - Everything Is Static Still Changing (Windows demo)

Ribbon - ASTRA (1k intro, javascript)

ASD - Metamorphosis (Windows demo)
Lightforce was a disappointment to me but this one I strongly approve

Triebkraft & 4th Dimension - Weed (ZX Spectrum demo)
I've tried to watch like 50 most popular C64 demos but from here I found something deeper

moppi productions - ix (Windows demo)
Now here's a theme and style

Spaceballs - State of Art (Amiga 500 demo)
I missed these old demos when I was kid but they nevertheless made me an impression when I saw them in the age of 30+

Mad Elks - Technological Death (Amiga 500 demo)
Not spectacular, but somehow captures the spirit better than almost anything else

PWP - Robotic Liberation (Vic-20 demo)

PWP - Future 1999 (Vic-20 demo)

PWP - PC-Lamerit (Youtube cartoon series)

Two very simple but somehow memorable intros I actually saw in the 1980s:
Paranoimia - Shinobi cracktro (Amiga 500 cracktro)

Thunderbird Crew - New Rush Demo (Amiga 500 intro)
^ omg, Firefox thinks my RPi is a mobile device, thus the mobile link :)
you do it wrong, (almost?) none of these prods have been released at X party!
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Ok. Except of mentioned Intrinsic Gravity (which i love a lot) and my cdcs, I have in my favourite list:

Overdrive 2 by Titan
A very nice looking demo with really cool musax and a bit rare demoplatform. Sometimes they're doing something impossible like 3d scenes (who needs blast processing?) or fullscreen effects.

Red Crash by NuSan
Check comments.

No Invitation by Ninjadev
Stylish (at least, i like this style). Massive. Too early released. As always, with cool musax. I don't like some scenes tho, but otherwise looks and sounds great.

Signals by Dead Hackers Society
Probably these tracks sounds similar but I like the genre and sampling. Not much to see but nice to just listen.

Way Too Rude by Logicoma + Loonies
way too rude tuuuuduuuuduuuuuuuuu bzzzzz tututudududutuuuuu and extreme sync makes this intro perfect.

VOLTRA by Ribbon
Maybe the only 1k intro I rewatched many times despite the fact I don't like this noise and it may be a bit boring compared with other 1k intro that exist.

쉿 (hush) by Limp Ninja.
Firetrucking fantastic audio-visual performance here, guys. I think we can't make something better.

techno-utopian edict by Jumalauta
PICO-8 demo with the best music ever made on it.

Searching through the Voids by Musk
If I see particles in the demo - it can be my favourite demo. The same for Oniria by Brainstorm, by the way.

Both No Pigs and Mosquitos by Dead Hackers Society + SMFX and Midnight Sun by Dead Hackers Society
Mostly for cool musax, Crazy Q know his business. Sometimes they also contains some cool effects, but they not impress me too much as music.

venera by Top Right Bottom Left
I have no words to describe how I like the style(s) of this demo AND soundtrack. Neuro = <3

engage by Logicoma
The second (just after Elysian ofc) intro by Logicoma I love so much. It may be better for someone (and it probably is), but ehhh, nothing will beat Elysian.

The X-Files by Shpoon
Mostly a slideshow but actually the very first demo I have ever seen. So, I should thank Shpoon staff and Dmitry Bachilo (russian "retro"-blogger) for revealing me this subculture.

Special mention for some demos that bring me some good memories about demoscene community: pb01: Party Gipfel by Poo-Brain // The Scene Is Dead by Razor 1911 // House of Spunk by Gammel Opland Af 1891 // PAYBACK by JUGZ // Distorted Memories by Jolt // project:ion by Nuance + Vantage
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