névoke - 14th of August 2021 - online

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Stop wishing, start making!
I tried that before
added on the 2021-07-15 19:42:28 by nodepond nodepond
tryin' is not grindin'
exe gfx usually has winners that are not oni ;)
added on the 2021-07-15 19:50:57 by NR4 NR4
that's a naughty Yoda
added on the 2021-07-15 19:51:01 by havamal havamal
Hy FolkZ,

One of those weird questions from an old man. The Releases may it a demo or a game. Is it necessary to deliver it as VIDEO and if it´s necessary, which Format MP4 is suitable ?

please let us know so we can prepare something without any hurry.

thanks in advance

I am preparing a 140-but-secretly-280-BPM track.
added on the 2021-07-17 16:55:47 by Subi Subi
General rules

* The music composer is not allowed to be registered with any copyright society. This includes, but is not limited to, all member societies of BIEM. Please get in touch with us in case of doubts prior to taking part in a compo.
* Entries must not have been released before, and they must be handed in before each deadline.
* There will be a preselection if there are too many entries for a compo (for details see here).
* You have to agree that we'll spread your contribution (e.g. through scene.org or other sites).
* You may submit a screenshot for your release.
* The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the competition rules and to disqualify any entry which is not suitable for the compo for any reason. This includes anything violating German or international law.
* Deadline for all entries: Tuesday, 09 August 2021 - 00:00:00 CEST

Rules for the blocks


* You can use any tool you want.
* "no rules".
* All pictures will be shown with the latest version of IrfanView.
* Please hand in pictures with a flawless compression like PNG to ensure the highest quality.
* If you can submit steps of the creation process, they will be shown.
* Pixel/Handdrawn/Photo/Ansi/Ascii anything goes
* In case you submit textmode graphics, please hand in both the original format file and a PNG capture.


* Maximum showing time: 10 minutes. The organizers reserve the right to fade out entries before 10 minutes have passed, if necessary.
* You should prepare your material in 16:9 screen ratio. If you record a video of your entry please try to provide an MP4 in (at least) 1920x1080 resolution.
* Every platform is allowed (e.g. game consoles, mobile devices, oldschool homecomputers etc.)
added on the 2021-07-19 09:06:17 by steam steam
rules n stuff are now also on the small website
added on the 2021-07-20 09:21:03 by steam steam
i <3 Evoke
added on the 2021-07-20 14:51:37 by yop yop
Oldschool entries recording:

If you're preparing an oldschool entry, you might want to know that we can record entries from real hardware on the following oldschool systems:

* Commodore 64, 128 (incl. VDC), Plus/4. VIC-20 (also memory expanded)
* Amiga OCS/ECS, Amiga AGA/060
* Atari ST (1MB) and STE (4MB)
* Amstrad CPC (6128, CRTC-1)
* MS-DOS PC (Pentium 1-class)

If your entry runs on any of the platforms above, you don't need to provide a recording with your entry, we can take care of it. You still can, if you want, it's just not mandatory. But if your oldschool entry is NOT running on any of the platforms above, and you CANNOT provide a recording yourself, we can probably still help, but please reach out, so we can work something out.

Amstrad CPC note: this system is notorious for abusing the video signal, which makes it somewhat challenging to record. Please provide a test version of your entry as soon as possible so we can test if it works as expected with the recording chain.
added on the 2021-07-20 21:54:18 by Charlie Charlie
first draft of timetable here, also compopc-specs at the bottom of the rules page (tl;dr: revison compopc)
added on the 2021-07-23 10:46:02 by steam steam
This being the year of wicked ideas, we really are hoping to see you "play the game" and connect to other sceners to surprise us with unconventional compos - remember that we call it a compo if only FOUR participants manage to have a common *thing* going!

However, we also can’t wait for the classics, so bring your size coding skills, dig out your favorite oldschool plattform, make a music video or bring on your 3D graphics (as seen at revision) - this is the year where everything goes!

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SIGN TO GET SOMETHING DONE (but haven’t really had the drive to dive into it because there was no deadline) CONSIDER THIS THE SIGN - You can do it and we sure are not going to stop you!

And now to the scary part:

added on the 2021-07-27 14:23:13 by darya darya
planning is guessing...release upload will appear in the following days, pinky-promise!
added on the 2021-07-27 15:23:27 by steam steam
wasted lifetime
added on the 2021-08-01 22:08:13 by Elko/TRSi Elko/TRSi
feeling sad about nevoke being 1 single day?
well, you're in luck. here comes a wild pre party event, actually 2 nights worth of a pre party event:

BB Image
added on the 2021-08-02 02:05:30 by psenough psenough
we think we have everything in place and you can start uploading your releases for névoke
strating now. you need to login/register with sceneId to create an account.

use the "custom option" field and message to the organizers if you want to suggest competitions or have something special to say along with your entry. if you are having problems uploading, feel free to contact us through the usual channel.

this page will also be where voting will happen during the party. so maybe also already create your account using sceneId, completely free of charge, no strings attached.

looking forwart to what all of you will come up with!
added on the 2021-08-02 09:38:39 by steam steam