Little Nell on A4000 (MindCandy 2)

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We're capturing Amiga demos for MindCandy Vol 2, but for Little Nell we're getting really low framerates, like 10-15fps. We're running it on an A4000 with a 68060/60MHz. I think that's about as fast as we can get for a 68k, no? We have Picasso and Cybervision 3D cards, but are they going to help?

We could certainly run it faster in WinUAE, but we're trying to avoid emulation as much as possible, especially not for an entire demo. If anyone has seen better framerates on an Amiga, what would you recommend? Otherwise, we may replace it with something else.
added on the 2004-07-20 22:59:38 by phoenix phoenix
Is it out of the question that TBL could write a PAL/NTSC movie renderer for the demo?
added on the 2004-07-21 02:06:47 by Jerware Jerware
Yeah, and why not mail TBL themselves directly?
added on the 2004-07-21 02:20:49 by tomcat tomcat
phoenix: mail johan :)
OK, apparently, that's about as fast as the demo will get on a real Amiga. So either a) we go with it, b) we capture it in WinUAE at around 30fps, or c) we capture Perfect Circle instead.
added on the 2004-07-21 13:22:33 by phoenix phoenix
"i'll take the prize behind door C, dave!"
added on the 2004-07-21 13:49:36 by gloom gloom
Little Nell is that slow. Just skip it, perfect circle is a better demo and has decent framerate.
added on the 2004-07-21 14:32:54 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
i'm guessing that will look the same on winuae as its not really a hardware demo, but perfect circle would be better for me. Either way, so long as its not A.
added on the 2004-07-21 14:45:34 by psonice psonice
since when is it slow?
it was fast enough on bp. for what do you need 30 fps? this is not quake.

btw. if you want to make it faster you can buy yourself a quartz (or whoever it is called in english) and overclock the 060.
added on the 2004-07-21 14:57:47 by xeNusion xeNusion
however ;)
added on the 2004-07-21 14:59:28 by xeNusion xeNusion
just swap it with tbl-silkcut! ;)
added on the 2004-07-21 15:23:12 by Maali Maali
xeNusion: It was never fast enough on BP, people where just drunk and the projector hides it well enough.
added on the 2004-07-21 15:33:51 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
yeah.. swap it for perfect circle, or silkcut
added on the 2004-07-22 01:44:04 by loaderror loaderror
doh, i actually forgot about silkcut. kalms prefers that one, so i'll have the crew watch it and see if they agree.
added on the 2004-07-22 13:07:30 by phoenix phoenix
silkcut \o/
added on the 2004-07-22 13:14:05 by Gargaj Gargaj
yeah going for silkut or perfect circle is a rather good idea :)
added on the 2004-07-23 13:39:53 by nystep nystep
silkcut \o/ YES \o/ SILKCUT!
added on the 2004-07-23 15:47:02 by bzz bzz
I actually like silkcut a lot better than little nell =) (well, except for Teque's awesome soundtrack of course)
added on the 2004-07-23 16:22:51 by Nezbie Nezbie
Heartcore for Mindcandy v.2!
added on the 2004-07-23 16:49:53 by Optimus Optimus
Phenomenon by DCS for vol.2
Live Axxion by Up Rough for minDcandy V ][!
I vote silkcut allso :)
added on the 2004-07-23 21:54:46 by emoon emoon
_IF_ you definately want to do Little Nell, according to Rubberduck using UAE would be the best option. However, we want Silkcut!!! ;)
added on the 2004-07-23 23:09:47 by Maali Maali
greetings from scene event! i can hear the crowd roaring behind me... and they shout "silkcut"! :)
added on the 2004-07-24 00:31:16 by melw melw