Question/suggestion by a non-scener forum newbie... flame away!

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Scali = my HERO! With your post (FLT) you helped me out now to understand, whats wrong with this ppl here and why the regular pouetler definitively sucks big cocks :-D

1. Pouet have right now only 15 (!!!) Cracktros from the own roots (C-64 ofcoz!) in the stock. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!! Tradition? History? Structure? Anyone???

2. OMFG, for gods sake and WTF... really, why the hack is this prod AMUSTSEE not downloadable anymore??? The mirrors dont work too and maybe before a long time.

Admin, pleez fix this second point and give your Noob-Customers here a chance ;-D
Hello Noobs : STFU, sit down and memorize-this-Prod-by-heart before you go on posting shit here and make the next boring senseless 3d-player/music video/repetitions harharhar.

Lester : NO, with Noob i dont mean you or folks like you that makes his discovery expeditions :-) No, i really mean this towards 90% of the present contributed PC-Scene and Pouet-User at all harharhar.

(4germans : Wenn ich sowas schon wieder sehe, gehört Euch der Winnerdemo-Refrain und die Message dahinter, sowas von brutal in die Fresse geschlagen, bis ihr nur noch lacht ;-D Das war echt kein Jahr zu früh... und wer sich jetzt angesprochen fühlt ist selber schuld hähähä)
added on the 2004-11-27 06:51:04 by Drago_VOZ Drago_VOZ
Ey yo Pornobalkendrago, 's ged'n Alda?

Sadly Nosfe's scene boy love page was disabled by the hoster some months ago due to ... adult content or such stuff. ;)

"why the regular pouetler definitively sucks big cocks :-D
Wait ma fraen, "fir-minus-025: the.regular.pouetler" isn't allowed to come every day and night in the VOZ-WHQ. As far as I remember 4 new members joined VOZ this year, one who was aside VOZ that long I was really surprised to hear he wasn't VOZ before. Two were involved in a demo from VOZ, stand one... I think he is the dude who sucks "teh real big cocks". ;)
3 Meter 60 anyone?

"1. Pouet have right now only 15 (!!!) Cracktros[...]"
Feel free to add more yourself.

"2. OMFG, for gods sake and WTF... really, why the hack is this prod AMUSTSEE not downloadable anymore???"
Ask the guys at http://intros.c64.org/ to were the download link points.
"The mirrors dont work too [...]"
They actually are only servers which provide a search on their own or other archives. But right, for C64 and Amiga prods there should be some additional "mirrors", too.

"Admin, pleez fix this second point"
I'll try to find a link myself (being only a Glöperator) but it's often better if the reporter posts the correct dl link into the fix me beautiful thread.

"Das war echt kein Jahr zu früh..."
Es hätte noch viel eher kommen sollen. ;)
After searching a while I came to the conclusion that there was a "timestamp" of the complete archive once added, which is horribly outdated by now. There is no dl-link...
Renaming of that prod page in progress...
Goddamn german nazi commies!
added on the 2004-11-29 16:51:11 by Shifter Shifter