hauflop is dead... yeah!

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Harhar...That had already happened 1 or 2 years ago.. So we had not to watch all these boring demos, drunken arrogant dudes on partys with compos where hundreds of inactive members vote their own productions to the top!

bye flobbers, you never will come back, I'm sure!!

No more Blowjobs at party compos.

added on the 2002-04-07 19:14:31 by dan dan
fukk you :P
added on the 2002-04-07 20:03:06 by dodke dodke
shut up idiots
added on the 2002-04-07 20:41:06 by superplek superplek
gengster> concerning the "drunken arrogant dudes" i must disappoint you : they "continue boozing"(*). they just "stop coding"(*) under the label "haujobb". ( i love quoting).

(*)see : www.haujobb.com :)
added on the 2002-04-07 20:43:44 by cer cer
I must agree with Genster that we are "drunken arrogant dudes"

why? since we didn't belong into those great great groups who we're really donating shitloads of beer on mekkasymposium

points fly out to:


added on the 2002-04-07 21:11:14 by droid droid
i actually really wonder what gengster means with the "arrogant" in drunken doods. everybody who really knows us and parties with us surely knows that we are all but arrogant. i don't know, maybe the quitting thing was a better idea than it felt like in first for me, and i'm a haujobb member since the beginning.

we are drunken -> yes! and we continue boozing (tm) and we give a shit on macaw, gengsta, drstrange
added on the 2002-04-07 21:47:33 by jazz jazz

you are one these guys who think they are the coolest one world, running around with rastafari hair imitations, and don't recognize that they look like a dumbnut with frotty bademantel.

1...2...3...ready for klapsmühle.
Gosh Gengster^Loboton and dan, I hate you guys. Haujobb is imo the best demogroup ever, and I do believe I have the right to speak. The software rendering 64k intros by Droid really had style, MikroStrange had cool music and the coolest torusknot with "realtime nurb-tesselation" :)
After that Haujobb had a certain style range which really convinced me with Elements, featuring REALLY cool music by Virgill. Regarding your postcount I presume that you don't know what you're talking about. Stop criticizing people who are better than you'll ever be.
I shouldn't even be replying to lamers like you!
added on the 2002-04-07 22:25:27 by ravity ravity
hey gengster, stick to business and dont talk bout tings yuh nah know bout, seen ?
if you nah know bout rastafari, nah speak bout rastafari. "yuh nah haffi dread to be rasta"... if you talk bout droids hair, well, he got quite normal dreadlocks, no "imitation" or something, but wearing dreads has NOTHING to do with rasta. so stick to demo business (though i dont know if you really understand more of demo then you do[or not] understand bout rasta) and dont dis rastafari ! selassie i know !
added on the 2002-04-07 22:42:33 by dipswitch dipswitch
NeZbiE slaps Gengster^Loboton with a large trout
added on the 2002-04-07 22:46:27 by Nezbie Nezbie
It seems that many people here are just wanna-be-sceners or there is a pouet.net scene and a real scene. Alone this topic wouldn't be set by a real scener even when he dislikes nearly all Haujobb productions because real scene means RESPECT!

People like Gengster and well known (at least on pouet well known) demo bashers deserve no respect at all because bullshit talk != free speech
added on the 2002-04-08 03:07:57 by Crest Crest
yada yada yada yada... if only it was true ..
added on the 2002-04-08 05:34:40 by hooligan hooligan
gengsta what do you really want to reach?
definitely not the next level i guess.
i dont have rastafari hair (i dont have much hair at all)
i dont have a frottee bademantel

but i guess its just the usual bashing you guys do against haujobb. you dont know it better i hope.

added on the 2002-04-08 11:23:48 by jazz jazz
seems there are too many people that spend all their time at pouet posting stupid comments instead of producing something in the scene. and usually verbal crap comes from people I never saw anything from. tell me if I missed some freaky productions I yet don't know about, else go and do something senseful.
this is a review site, not your soul-doctor for letting out your frustration on other people and their works.
added on the 2002-04-08 12:17:04 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
Haujobb wasn't the best demogroup ever, but it was a good one...and it's always a sad feeling to see a scenegroup die if you're a REAL scener!
Hope Haujobb will be back some day...in the meantime...party on! ;)
added on the 2002-04-08 14:39:46 by Raven^NCE Raven^NCE
why are we giving haujobb so much attention? :) i mean they're nice guys.. let them be.

maybe it's time to retreat from pouet or something since it seems to attract a busload of shitheads.. i get so sad when reading those posts here :(

and jesus fucking christ, mr. gengster, shoot yourself thru the head and stop bothering us. wearing robes is nice and comfy :)

and ravity, don't blow it over the top now will you :)

let's divide the pouet registrants into two sections, being normal dudes and worthless idiots, so you can flip a switch that filters out all posts/comments/whatsoever submitted by the shitheads :)

how's that for a moderation system ^_^

with love,

added on the 2002-04-08 15:24:08 by superplek superplek
Sorry, but i think that the Blowjobbers are the biggest lamers i have ever seen, exept the few one´s, that were coding (3 or 4 dudes)

added on the 2002-04-08 16:10:11 by dan dan
Oh my god! look at that guy !! He has dreadlocks! HE'S WEARING A BATHROBE! Wasn't there a door selection at Mekka ??? Why I should sit near by those guys and make my Armani dress dirty ??

Pleeeeaseeeee.... I know kids finding better excuses more than "he is rastafari" !

Keep on being Haujobb!

With love...
added on the 2002-04-08 16:35:27 by rIO rIO
Yeah.. stop that bashing.
I think, Jazz is a cool guy.. and his tunes really rock..
added on the 2002-04-08 18:04:23 by phred phred
okay, now something REALLY rare: a member of acceptpartyposse NOT flaming ;)

ms2k2 was the sceneparty with the best vibe i've ever felt among a bunch of ppl. and no, that has nothing to do with me druggy_

with calling haujobbers arrogant, gengster proofs his claim being the god of all dickhedz. he is so stupid he could become president of the US!

i go +1 with Crest:
a real scener would never post such crap!! it's about learning and evolving, and the only way to get that task running is to PARTY! (wait...maybe, not just party. but having a nice chat while partying). if you flame, you are alone. now go on and try coding sum reel shit demo, alone... got it, gengster?

i send my condolences to all (ex)haujobbers, but i send an invitation with it: come and join our eternal bbq! accept became acceptpartyposse for (maybe) the same reason several years ago, and -look- we're still there giving a shit about what others think! everybody's welcome, and who knows, maybe someday something (oGL2.0?) gives us a good reason to get it going again_

ms2k3 boozing compo - haujobbpartyposse vs acceptpartyposse

i love you.............................................. though..................................... nah........................ :)
"let's divide the pouet registrants into two sections, being normal dudes and worthless idiots, so you can flip a switch that filters out all posts/comments/whatsoever submitted by the shitheads :)"

No offence plek, but what about YOUR posts? I mean, if I should name the current Nr. 1 hater, it would be you... :)
added on the 2002-04-08 18:36:36 by tomaes tomaes
i'm not a hater.. i just shit on idiots.
and then again.. i eventually produce every once in a while which enables me to piss on 75% of the pouet visitors WHO DO NOTHING BUT POST STUPID COMMENTS.

and hey since when am i more evil than macaw? :)
added on the 2002-04-08 20:12:31 by superplek superplek
people who hate haujobb prods are weird
added on the 2002-04-09 15:57:31 by piriste piriste
haujobb isn't really quitting. they just wanted to get some attention. they'll eventually come back.

now, you got your attention, start coding again!
added on the 2002-04-09 16:33:44 by rjv rjv