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shiva : yeah thanx, I seached HDRI images but i only found one in a strange format ( .HDR ?? ) and i read that this format is used to compute non clamped RGB value so i give up search :)))) But i think it's a good idea ( HDR ) and the launcher simul the effect in a certain way....

sanx : no i make some feature mor complex than only using alpha component in my pixel shaders.. but it doesn't influence the texture creation process. So if someone would help me to identify the problem i'll be happy ( someone who have a ATI 8500 who can manage Pixel and vertex shaders ).

added on the 2002-07-15 18:59:39 by u2 u2
shiva: don't rip -- use scene material :


I already served quite well as a bumpmap -look for it in a demo coming soon ;)
added on the 2002-07-16 02:41:02 by Shifter Shifter
It not I (although I probably would be a nice displacement map)
added on the 2002-07-16 02:41:40 by Shifter Shifter
ryg, that blackmail tool you use.. is that the same you fr uses to cheat at dutch demoparties?
added on the 2002-07-16 19:32:26 by coat coat
scratch that second 'you'
added on the 2002-07-16 19:35:05 by coat coat
nope. the "blackmail tool" is the farbrausch debug snatcher. it plays at being a debugger and outputs debug messages in a text file. i regularly use that to write bug reports of demos that don't run (and urge people to fix it by threatening to make its contents public, which are often quite embarassing for the coder :)

to cheat at demo parties (not only on dutch ones :), everything one needs is a browser, a text editor and a brain. and some experience in doing vote systems to know which mistakes such systems usually have.

the #1 most popular bug is that nearly all network voting systems are written in scripting languages such as php or perl which do dynamic value typing. this introduces a nice problem concerning the check whether someone voted the same production for more than one place. usually that check is done by comparing whether e.g. (vote1==vote2). now, no one forces you to actually use integer values - for example, you can vote for production 7 and production 7.1. those values won't be kicked out by your average equality check - but when it's time to feed those values in your favourite database engine, they are converted to integer, so you are able to vote your production more than once.

that trick is bare-ass simple, and in itself enough to nearly double the points you get with most voting systems. more importantly, it also works with most voting systems. and all it takes to pull it of is storing the voting form on your harddisk, changing the form input fields to text fields, entering the right values, and pressing "submit". no complicated stuff involved.

the only time we ever did more than that (btw, just to make that clear, we never upvoted fr demos; however, "colour of autumn" at tp99 and critikills picture at to2001 were upvoted, although it later turned out that critikill would've won anyway) was on to2001, where the votesystem had a such blatantly obvious flaw i just couldn't resist, namely: the votekey consisted of two parts. the first part was some kind of 8-digit hexadecimal checksum, while the second part was a kind of "visitor counter". now, the checksum was checked only at some kind of login form; for the actual voting, the counter alone was sufficient.

i simply couldn't help but trying whether it really was that simple, and it was; a 10-minute-program that just looped through number 0 to 999 and submitted voteforms with the respective keys was enough.

note that we DID tell the organizers about this (ok, after screwing up the voting for the gfx compos :), and also that critikill never got his money for the gfx compos - i understand that the orgas were pissed, but it still sucks that ck was the one who had to pay for this, because he wasn't involved with the whole thing in any way.
added on the 2002-07-16 20:28:32 by ryg ryg
ryg, the way i remember it was that fr was dragged into the orgo room by Da P and you had to explain why critikill's entry had 300 more points than the second in line :)
added on the 2002-07-17 21:20:07 by coat coat
For some reason, the lame WinXP unzipper file refused to unzip the .zip file. Then, it refused to run without readme.txt being present (it's obviously some kind of configuration file, despite the name ;-) ). Third, it doesn't run on my Parhelia... at all. :-)
added on the 2002-07-19 18:38:22 by Sesse Sesse
sesse : i have action from Nvidia that's why this program only work onto cards from this vendor...
ok stop joking ( yes i'm a joke master ), yes you must have the ReadMe.Txt into the dir of the .exe because i take some info into ( and yes i should made a default config who will no stop the prog... ). Apparently i use a kind of texture that' dont support either ATI8500 either Parhelia but i will happy if someone accept a debug version of the Launcher and say me the real source of this FUCKING problem.
added on the 2002-07-19 20:00:07 by u2 u2
coat: nope. if you want the full chronology, i first made my tests and then built the "final" version of the votefaking programm that tried all user ids. then i typed the name of the program in the command lime, we called sparcus/nostalgia (takeover orga :) and told him to "press enter". his comment was somewhat like "hm. now what did that do?". we explained it to him, and then we went together to da p (note that sparcus actually seemed quite amused :)
added on the 2002-07-20 06:38:02 by ryg ryg
hey, sorry for reviving this super-old thread:
i really would like to see this little demo again, but the download links are dead :( also the ones on the flipcode IOTD entry (http://www.flipcode.com/archives/07-18-2002.shtml)..

Does anyone have an old copy lying around?
added on the 2013-04-26 10:48:43 by spike spike