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Small corrections (in relation to Salinga's msg):

Dienstag -> comes from the day of Thincsus, old war god,
Freitag > Freya(Freia) day,
Samstag > from ancient greek "sambaton", the day od Sabbath,
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In Danish:

Mandag -> From moonday
Tirsdag -> From the nordic god Tyr
Onsdag -> From the nordic god Odin
Torsdag -> From the nordic god Thor
Fredag -> From the norcid god Freja
Lørdag -> Lør is old nordic for shower - so shower day :-)
Søndag -> Depending on the source - either it comes from Son of God (Jesus) or sun

So, there you have. The nordic people have arrived early in history :)
...that implies, that Danes only shower once a week :P VILDERE!

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You're wrong. The days of the week are named after beers:

Mandag -> named after MANDAGSBAJER!
Tirsdag -> named after TIRSDAGSBAJER!
Onsdag -> named after ONSDAGSBAJER!
Torsdag -> named after TORSDAGSBAJER!
Fredag -> named after FREDAGSBAJER!
Lørdag -> named after LØRDAGSBAJER!
Søndag -> named after SØNDAGSBAJER!

Curiously, all these beers are sold in the same packaging:

BB Image

They also taste alike, except for SØNDAGSBAJER! which is more bitter. It is traditionally a morning drink, however, enjoyed not so much for its taste but rather for its medicinal properties (specifically, alleviating the side effects of LØRDAGSBAJER!)
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Aber hallo!
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Mittwoch again
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Return of a Legend - MITTWOCH
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I wish it was freitag :(
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OH, not again! D:
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Lørdag , named after ... ?
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Midweek is celebrationday today - yay!
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scheissmittwoch again
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Rasmus: I am sure Søndag doesn't come from Jesus. He's too newschool to name a day. :P
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Return of a Legend - MITTWOCH !
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schon wieder mittwoch :(
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Oh yes!!!!!!!!
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Oh SHIT!!!!!!!!
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