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Also, having pools around at demoparties might be dangerous for the more suicidal among us ;-)
added on the 2006-04-18 23:13:21 by sparcus sparcus
Nosfe: That reminds me, Summer Encounter '99 had a swimming pool and a sauna too...
added on the 2006-04-18 23:16:13 by sparcus sparcus
Nosfe: Last weekend of July is the (in)famous 8-bit only Arok party!
(Also, i think that more than one hungarian parties featured swimming pools (*), including probably Pool Party (where unfortunately i was not present, due to incompetent marketing))

(*) although i never used them...
added on the 2006-04-19 02:10:24 by blala blala
Ola :D
added on the 2006-04-19 07:52:51 by leijaa leijaa
To be more serious in this thread and to get back to the original suggestion by navis.

Yeah, i would damn much like to visit TG again, because i believe they've gotten over all the "shit" happening at the time i decided not to go anymore.
The problem is the timeline. As long as it's at the same time as breakpoint i simply can't go, because i will always have a lot more friends in germany :(

However, if everyone else goes, i'll go too ;)
added on the 2006-04-19 07:54:57 by leijaa leijaa
Contrary to popular beliefs, Pool Party does NOT have any swimming pools. :D However, there is an open-air swimming pool nearby, but as far as I remember it's not very cheap.

In the beginning Pool Party was to have a pool, but before renting the place it turned out that the owner tends to bill people for "additional damage" ( so like, YOU RUINED MY LAWN BY STEPPING ON IT!!1! - even if you didn't), so instead of the price you agree in you end up paying double...

Then there was an opportunity to hold the party at a former-system (and by that I mean ex-communist) youth camp, just next to that place, but the name was already spread, so it stayed...

Last time it turned out to be great, there is a volleyball court and you can also play football or streetball there, as I mentioned there IS a public swimming pool a few hundred meters away, the place itself is HUGE, and you can watch the demoshow lying matresses... There also was open-air cooking [innocent has m4d c00k1ng sk1llz], etc etc... It was a really nice party.

May I now take the opportunity to announce that PoolParty WILL be held this year, there will even be smaller compos - like the good old Lamerdemo compo, maybe a crackme compo, and if everything turns out fine, it'll last two nights instead of one.

Thank you. :D
added on the 2006-04-19 08:49:10 by kelsey kelsey
*lying on
added on the 2006-04-19 08:58:06 by kelsey kelsey
I dunno, CS clans in de demoscene area doesn't sound like they got their act together since last time I was there.
added on the 2006-04-19 11:24:22 by Shifter Shifter
shifter: there was no demoscene area this year, that's the point i think people have been trying to make. :) due to a mixup with the seating-software, the usual area was not "locked" for bookings by non-sceners, which is why a few cs-idiots managed to sneak their way into the sceners area.

there has been a demoscene area at tg since 2002, and this year was the only year things got fucked up, but be sure - it will not be fucked up next year. :)
added on the 2006-04-19 12:05:13 by gloom gloom
I would just like to say that I think it's great to have that many beginners in the democompo. That is all.
added on the 2006-04-19 14:54:15 by Preacher Preacher
Not only did the "only for demosceners"-part of the seating plan work, the people that put up the rows f@#ked up and made too few. I'm pretty sure this will not happen again next year..
added on the 2006-04-19 15:39:39 by OptimizE OptimizE
..i mean not work, of course..
added on the 2006-04-19 15:40:32 by OptimizE OptimizE
Are sceners a curious minority at tg nowadays? My impression was that there is more scene activity there now than compared to five years ago or so. Are there any stats on this?
added on the 2006-04-19 15:57:12 by Hyde Hyde
hyde: compared to five years ago there is -definitively- more scene activity. compared to ten years ago, there is less.

this can be written down to natural evolution within a subculture of course, since tg has always been a party for "everyone", but it is very good to see that it can withstand the test of time as a very scene-oriented party, even though there are a lot of non-sceners visiting.

i like to compare tg to assembly, because they are both parties with mixed participants, rather than just one group of people (say, only sceners, like breakpoint, or only gamers, like dreamhack (or such)), and even though the number or quality of it's releases might not compare to assembly, tg has shown a steady rise in scene activity since the "slump" that happened around 1999/2000/2001.

the scene is definitively a strong presence at tg, and as long as there are good people like concrete and optimize running the show, AND people keep coming, this will not change. :)
added on the 2006-04-19 17:39:53 by gloom gloom
tg should be on the previous weekend so that everyone could first go there, and then fly straight to breakpoint with jumbo jets.
added on the 2006-04-20 03:46:55 by nosfe nosfe
Yeah. That would rule.
In a perfect world, we'd all just step outside our homes, appear on the Viking Ship, party for 5 days or whatever, infect CS gamers with proper scene spirit, convert 1%, then sail down the Rhein to Breakpoint for additional 4 days partying.

Ok wait perfect world... right. We'd convert 100% of the creative gamers.

Oh and we'd have more sushi-like food that isn't sushi.
the fake-sushi was nice anyways :)
added on the 2006-04-21 18:40:52 by winden winden
Although not widely used... BCN Party has had a swimming pool forever
added on the 2006-04-21 19:19:18 by Jcl Jcl
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