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are there any demos with decent lens flares?
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https://www.youtube.co.il/watch?v=dBLZOlUfWQk Dieses Lied ist leider nicht verfügbar in ihrem Land
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Nice effects, would be awesome if they would be realtime.
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nebadon: you have no clue, and bad manners. go play somewhere else.
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awesome 404 : D

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demoish VIDEOS
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Lumarca - a new view
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@Joghurt, hint: ctrl+F+"video"... ;p
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at 0:51:45 , sorry if already postd.
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wow cool : make a demo about it :)
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A washing machine self-destructing in a very demoish way (the good part starts at 2:09, ends at 4:07, only skimmed the rest)

Ralph Steiner, "Mechanical Principles", 1930

Speed dissassembly and reassembly of a three-speed hub
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Not a video but a good zoom : The scale of the Universe 2
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