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line cow
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Dear Winner,

Microsoft Corporation Management Worldwide are pleased to inform you today 11th September, 2006 that you are a winner of our annual MS-WORD LOTTO LOTTERY conducted for this present year MEGA JACKPOT LOTTO WINNING PROGRAM held on the 25th of July 2006.


Your fund (Cashier's cheque) has been insured with your Reference No: MSW-L/327015002/06 and will be ready for delivery but in order for your cheque to be issued and insured in your name and for you to begin your claim you are urgently required to provide the following information through email to SIR TERRY WOGAN, Foreign Service Manager, London United Kingdom, {terrywogan1950@yahoo.co.uk}
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From Samir

Hi my name is Samir from egypt
am presently on political assylum now.
l got your email contact from my research on the
net because am presently looking for honest person
who can help my client to invest his fund in Real Estate
Investment and commercial properties.
I will be very intresting to start a new life in your country
with your assistance and co-operation on this issue concerning
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So please if your in good position to help me, please send me an
email at this email address ( samir_10@o2.pl )
indicating your desire to help me invest this fund in your country
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I hope to me you very soon.

Best Regards & God Bless


Samir Saad Amin
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Americcan Unnity Inveestments, Inc.
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internet casino
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Buried under Mountains in Colorado sits the world's biggest undisturbed oil
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P O 12 00 B Orangesandtad a rub a or reply
Do you like fish? Fish! cried the kittenm20f
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From: EliBenjamin@0451.com
Subject: Your cash, Non-jew
Date: 18 September 2006 20:07:21 BDT
To: toys@atari.org

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My favourite from today, quite apart from the misspelling, you have to ask how much of a market is there for anti-semitic products for erectile dysfunction, if you go by the subject header?
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From: clyde rosita <vittoriaram@timn.ws>
Subject: Howdy

If you search for something good for you or your friends/family...
site of Alexandria and
asked, as the
accurate. Maybe it is. But
gear had, where
steadily, wary, calculating. What happened


Dadaism in spam is coming :) because thats the proven way to bypass every filter
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We're knights of the round table
We dance when e'er we're able
We do routines and parlour scenes
With footwork impecc-Able.
We dine well here in Camelot
We eat ham and jam and spam a lot
We're knights of the Round Table
Our shows are for-mid-able
Oh many times we're given rhymes
That are quite unsing-able
We not so fat in Camelot
We sing from the diaphragm a lot
Oh we're tough and able
Quite indefatigable
Between our quests we [something]
And impersonate Clark Gable
It's a bit too loud in Camelot
I have to push the pram a lot.
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