SEEK300 Coding Competition 2006

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The SEEK300 Coding Competition 2006 is now on! It is hosted by oblyvaeon.com and Everyone who enters will receive at least 2 prizes (see contest details). Enter soon; the prizes will ship in time for Christmas, Yule, The Holidays, X-day, or whatever politically correct term you choose to call it. Even if you're not a big oblyvaeon fan, check out the "Robots are stealing my luggage" shirt for a prize. The objective of this contest is to code a Bell 103/ITU-T v.21 300 baud modem emulator which will operate on a Win32 platform.

Visit the SEEK300 Coding Competition 2006 home page for details.

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If you know someone who might be interested in this, please let them know!
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sorry, that animgif just reminded me of this :D
added on the 2006-10-23 20:18:33 by Gargaj Gargaj
Upon reading the site:

You acknowledge that any staff members of oblyvaeon.com also have the right to use and modify that code for our purposes.

Grand Prize (1st place)
In addition to receiving one (1) each of all our stickers and buttons, you will may also select any two (2) other items from our Shop.

Umm... hello? :D
added on the 2006-10-23 20:32:59 by Gargaj Gargaj
Give us all your code and you get a lollipop
added on the 2006-10-23 21:45:40 by bartman bartman
Its a joke right?
added on the 2006-10-23 21:53:45 by auld auld
Also from the site:

This contest is being sponsored and hosted by oblyvaeon.com
for a performance art project in the spirit of The Burning Man


This is for an artistic project with an extremely low budget, not for commercial purposes. They are appealing to programmers with a desire to be involved in an artistic project rather than those motivated by personal gain.
Incidentally, the statement:

Unlike some contests, entering this competition does not make the code our sole property. You retain the right to use and modify your own code for any purpose.

immediately precludes the statement about the oblyvaeon.com staff that Gargaj posted... No offense to Gargaj is intended here, but why would someone try to demonize this project by posting information out of context? *sigh*
burning man in europe me beautiful.
dakta: you just aint open minded enough to understand.

(internal flamejoke for gargaj, do ignore)
added on the 2006-10-23 23:36:52 by psenough psenough
'bout the emulator... can't quite seem to get why 'one would use this kind ancient sh*t. Is this for an art project or are you trying to make people go crazy by running the output over larger speakers?!
added on the 2006-10-24 01:07:17 by raer raer
rarefluid: Both! BWA HA HA! I'm tired of my neighbors, so I'm going to scare them off with alien radio waves...

Seriously though, the reason we choose the ancient Bell 103 protocol was for the simplicity and integrity of its signal; that is to say, with massive amounts of ambient noise interfering in a performance situation, this protocol has the longest audio transmission period per bit modulated (1/300 second) of any protocol commonly available on modern modems (which presumably will be used by the audience to capture and demodulate the signal). Also, its Answer and Mark frequencies do not react harmonically with each other, eliminating the need to "filter the signal from itself" so to speak, but only from any ambient noise present while receiving or recording. For live demodulation, this will give the receiving modem's bandpass/notch filter an easier time of getting a clean signal, and for recording the same is true, giving the audio engineer (or weekend sound technician) an easier job of separating the desired frequencies.
ps: "go fuck yourself" :D

Dakta: The fact that _I_ can have the rights for my _own_ code is pretty much a given - but still you write that _you_ also retain rights to use it for your own will. Are you trying to deny what's written on the site?
added on the 2006-10-24 12:33:51 by Gargaj Gargaj
i think a simulator is way cooler
added on the 2006-10-24 12:49:29 by the_Ye-Ti the_Ye-Ti
Gargaj: Is that such a big deal? Lots of demo parties have conditions in their rules specifying that the organisers will retain the right to sell a DVD compilation with your entry on, and that sort of thing. This isn't so different, surely?

(Personally I'd respect this sort of thing a lot more if they were a bit more honest and forthcoming about their motives, and presented it more as "We have a really cool idea for an art project. It's going to do <bla bla bla>. Is there anyone out there who's struck by the awesomeness of this idea and willing to help us out with the modem emulation bits? We'll be really grateful and buy you beer, and give you a free t-shirt and stuff" rather than assuming that sceners are mindless zombies who will do your every bidding if you wave the magic word COMPO in front of them. But then it's not as if I'm likely to participate either way, so my opinion doesn't count for shit...)
added on the 2006-10-24 14:27:24 by gasman gasman
GOD DAMMIT, I've posted a reply about this TWICE and been logged out during the post.

Ok. try #3.

(nope, took too long again, but this time I copied it before hitting save. So here's #4!)

Truck's Somewhat Useless examples for Competition Outisders Wanting to Perhaps Have Involvement From the Scene:

Disclaimer: All use of the term 'we' in this article means, for the most part, Truck. Just assume he has multiple personalities, it's easier. There also may be some others who think similarly. There may also be some who think he's full of shit. They're all right. Especially the ones that send Truck cases of The Arrogant Bastard. More cases == more right.

What we have seen a million times and really, really hate to see:

"HI! I noticed you guys here and I have this thing that's here and it's a compo go be in it!"

First of all, this means you took 30 seconds to compose a post on a message board. Look, spammers do that. Why are you better than a spammer? Um, well... nope, sorry, you're not, you're IDENTICAL. And there have been better, more clever spammers than you before, with their contests and so on. There's no reason for us to be interested in your bits OR viagra. Or what is it that they're doing now, oh yes, get thin pills. Yeah, WRONG TREE BUDDY. WRONG TREE, GO BARK SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Now how could you actually, perhaps, get our attention?

Well, you could actually see what we're about. (This will take a while. Like, your whole life. Really.)

How do you do that? Well, it all depends. There's popular demos, those are the ones that loads of outsiders love as well as sceners. Maybe table those for now and go with some of the UNPOPULAR ones. Knos and someone else suggested maybe going with the demos that have the most 'piggie' votes - i.e. they're generating a lot of comments, or people are not sure what to make of 'em. Do those. That'll give you a boatload of confusion.

Now follow this up with something by Limp Ninja and something by XplsV. Still confused? Good.

Now it's time for step 2:

Want to actually do something that will attract a few folks attention, set you apart from the spammers, and say you, at least a tiny bit, GET what we do?

[quote="omg lolz wtf8"]Do an invite for your compo.[/quote]

That's right, actually make a demo, or intro. Definately not a wild, and you're probably NOT going to get any bonus points for flash. (Unless you REALLY get it, in which case, all bets are off and you don't need this guide.)

Get someone to do music for it, or if you do music, do it yourself. Add the effects, graphics, and have the message in there somewhere. Make it executable, a decent size so that everyone can see it, and have FUN doing it.

Now, either release it at a party -- It would be good to be AT that party. Yeah, really, it would. You'll get more confused and the parts that you already knew about us will go running away and hiding in Utah where the really bad ideas about the scene live. (I couldn't avoid it. I tried. Really, I did. Ok, you're right, I didn't, I didn't try at all.) -- OR if you can't be at a party, then do the message board post. Along with a link to the production.

Now be SURE you had fun doing it, because if you didn't, you're not going to like getting dissed for making a crap production.

But wait 5 seconds before getting defensive and wait for the really f*n cool thing that happens with every production you'll ever see that someone hates: Someone will LIKE it. And they'll say WHY. And they'll hope you can do another one. (Which you should do.)

And you MIGHT, you MIGHT, if you're really, really f*ng lucky, you MIGHT get one entry to your compo. And if you get 2 or more than you pretty much have struck gold. And you should use that gold for buying everyone beers.

But even if you don't get any, you'll have had fun doing a demo and that's all that matters. Cuz if you ask ANYONE involved with a demoparty compo - that is NOT the FUN part of the scene. That is the OMG SUXXOR part. Mega super zilla ass ugly part.

And now the part you're actually waiting for, and the most important part:

I don't wanna do that! Isn't there a shorter way?
Arrogant Bastard, Crates, about 25, shipped to Helsinki. And buy beers for everyone else too. But mostly the part about the Arrogant Bastard.
Gargaj wrote:
ps: "go fuck yourself" :D

I took your advise for ps, Gargaj... Thanks, it was great. No, I'm not denying what is on the site; wouldn't that be a sign of intelligent life on earth? I was just putting it back in context and reiterating that this project is art, and like gasman said, it's standard fare.

the_Ye-Ti wrote:
i think a simulator is way cooler


T l wrote (paraphrased):

So what you're trying to tell me is that everyone here is an elitist bastard who thinks anyone who's handle they don't recognize is not worth their time and must be nobody they want to help, works for beer, and doesn't give two shits about art, music, coding, or anything even remotely related... Thanks, I'll keep that in mind :)
gasman wrote:
(Personally I'd respect this sort of thing a lot more if they were a bit more honest and forthcoming about their motives...

We did say generally what it was for: performance art, The Burning Man, etc., but you're probably right; we should have done a more thourough write up on the actual project, and I'm submitting some more markup for the page to do just that. Thanks for reminding me :)
No, but yes, that's the exact same response that we always get from the spammers who come in, advertising their contests, and then leave after not getting the 'omg best idea ev ar' response.

Again, the easy way to get what you seem to want is to ship me beer. The hard way is to participate. Choose wisely, or, do what most everyone else does when they realize that it's going to cost either money or hard work: leave.

And yes, we'll do Burning Man on our own terms. Just like we do everything else on our own terms.
Well at least it not like


Hey guys I have this awesome idea for an MMORPG which is more better than World of Warcraft, I'm still working on pre-production but I need maybe two or three people to code it for me. We'll split the profit.
added on the 2006-10-24 20:28:23 by ravity ravity
That's a lot of self-righteous crap there, T l. You've presumed, once again, to speak for the whole community. Although I am interested in your source for free CD's, t-shirts, etcetera. It would be nice to be able to acquire those things without money! I'd also like to know how you can compose and produce the music for those CD's with no "hard work". Maybe you have some god-like powers and are able to blink these things into existence on a whim? Sweet, let me know where I can get some of that...

On a side note, I headhunt spammers for fun and relaxation, and it is not my intention to waste your time. If, of course, I am wasting your time, feel free not to read my post(s).

P.S. Your beer's in the mail.
So what you're trying to tell me is that everyone here is an elitist bastard who thinks anyone who's handle they don't recognize is not worth their time and must be nobody they want to help

Yes. Hell yes. The scene is a meritocracy, and any requests for sceners to do work will tend to be more successful if they come from an established scener (or, to pull a random example out of the air, Mark Shuttleworth) than a random person with no track record. And I'm stating that as a fact, not a way of saying "get the fuck out of our clique" or a prediction about the response you're going to get from your compo.

works for beer, and doesn't give two shits about art, music, coding, or anything even remotely related

I can't speak for everyone, but I believe most sceners work for the opportunity to contribute to cool stuff, and for the karma, which is not entirely unrelated to the phenomenon of people buying you beer. So yes, I guess you're right in that respect too. (Although I won't deny that getting the material rewards that you were promised for your work is a good thing too... *cough*assembly*cough*opera*cough*amd*cough*) The thing is, if you don't mind me saying so, the outline on your webpage makes it sound like a piece of dull contract work rather than a contribution towards an awesomely cool project. Perhaps if you revealed what your project actually is, then that might give someone an incentive to do the work you're after. But then again, maybe you aren't willing to do that right now, or maybe it simply isn't an interesting enough project to warrant doing that work. In which case, I don't have an easy answer, but Truck (aka T l) has already given you the sensible-but-not-particularly-easy answer.
added on the 2006-10-24 20:49:02 by gasman gasman
Ok, the SEEK300 page has been updated with our artistic vision. My apologies for not getting the copy submitted to the site maintainer sooner :)
writing a long rambling reply and then discovering that half a dozen people have already said everything you were going to say sucks.
added on the 2006-10-24 20:51:36 by gasman gasman
gasman: I am well versed in being an elitist bastard, heh heh. I've been out of the "scene", if you wish to call it that, for a while due to the interference of "real life", if you wish to call it that as well. Hell, the WWW was in its infancy back then, and it *is* good to see things alive and kicking, though the mentality seems to have changed a bit. I just thought this was a really cool concept and someone might appreciate an opportunity to participate in it. Hopefully some like-minded individuals will benefit from this. If you're not one of them, no problem; keep typing your flames and l4m35 all you want. Have a look at the updated page concept information and you'll probably tell me I'm a moron for trying. Such is life on earth, I guess. The comments left on this post so far actually reflect the idea that the SEEK300 project is attempting to eradicate. Interesting... At least to me. Peace.
<MAO> L0L!
added on the 2006-10-24 21:29:04 by keops keops