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smells like vereniging Martijn :D
Odious are the trolls who hath flamed this noblest of threads! This thread is for people who want to post their lucid dreams. It is not a flame zone for pedophobes and dream police. From now on, I will ignore any trolls on this thread. I am here to post my lucid dreams, whether or not you like them. I will attempt to bring closure to this off-topic discussion before I continue posting to this thread:
Imagine that there are to circles. There is a really big one that represents the millions of pedophiles in the world, most of which are still in the closet. The is another, but much smaller, circle that represents the child predators in this world. There is a very small space where these two circles overlap. This space represents the mere thousands of self-oriented pedophiles in the world. Pedophiles are attracted (often sexually) to children, but they rarely commit crimes. The vast majority of child predators are not pedophiles, situational predators. They only rape kids because they are easy prey. Pedophilia is not a mental illness, though it is defined as a mental disorder. Almost all research into pedophilia is conducted on child predators, usually in prisons and hospitals. Self-oriented pedophiles either lack a conscience, or they fool themselves into believing that their actions are justified. However, they only constitute a small minoraty of pedophiles. The rest are referred to as child-oriented pedophiles, although we usually call ourselves childlovers. We are vast in numbers, but most of us rarely come out of the closet. You probably run into many childlovers during a given day without ever realizing it. You shouldn't feel afraid. You should feel secure, because we will be the first to save a child in danger, especially if that child is being raped.
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I almost forgot. For those of you who would like to overcome your ignorance, here are some websites about childlove:

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And so, next you'll be telling us terrorists do not work for Satan? And those "cool" guys who smoke weed aren't out to rape anyone? Pah.
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Like I said, I will be ignoring the trolls, but I have to say that Doom^IRIS actually made me laugh. He is referring to a parrallel universe where childlovers are evil, terrorist worship Satan instead of Allah, and people who smoke weed are actually coherent enough to contemplate rape. -)

Here's my dream from last night. I started in snowy cave. There was the smell of cinnamon in the air. I ventured deeper into the cave, and I found a kitchen. It was really big and fancy, but there was nobody around. It didn't look like an industrial kitchen or anything, but rather like a kitchen in a mansion. It had hard-wood floors, marble countertops, and one of those refrigerators that blend in with the cabinets. I could still smell the cinnamon, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from. As a matter of fact, there was no food in this kitchen, so I decided to have sex. I summoned Conchita Campbell again, since I didn't get to do anything with her the other night. I won't get into details, but I don't think you need any. After that, I tried to explore the cave some more, but my alarm clock woke me up.
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here's my dream from last night:
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Steohawk, serious question for once,

What is your interest and involvement with the demoscene?

Just that we've got a good idea of your other areas of interest, but we don't know a lot about anything else.
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I usually wake up once I realize it's a dream, but at least twice I've had full control. Which usually means sex. I'd love to play around more, but I guess I'm not too bright when I'm asleep.
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dreamviews, great site! I must find time to check it. I always wanted to experiment with my dreams but never found the time. Also, whenever I try to actually perceive that I am currently dreaming while in my dream, something happens and I wake up :(
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There are two kinds of serial killers:

- Self-centred serial killers
- Victim-centred serial killers

Self-centred serial killers are evil. They kill for their own pleasure only, without loving their victims.
Victim-centred serial killers love their victims. They just think in how good would be killing people, but they don't use to do it because they love their victims. Since "killer" is a term in society has a bad taste, they use the term "victimlovers". Victimlovers are really great for society, the world would be much better full of people thinking in killing everybody.

Now you, ignorants, now you understand much better what I'm talking about.

I'm going to talk about my dreams of killing people:

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I found this site by accident about a year ago. I am an aspiring 3d artist, and demoscenes looked very interesting. I've been working on other projects, but I hope to release a demoscene pretty soon. Unlike a lot of sceners, I am only interested in demoscenes as a form of artistic expression. I don't care about programming, but I love 3d graphics. I am fascinated by the concept of real-time rendering, which I hope will completely replace software rendering in the near future. About a month ago, I decided to get serious about making a demoscene. I downloaded Blender3d to do the modeling, animating, and rendering. I have been trying to draw inspiration from my lucid dreams, except for the sex. I want to encourage other sceners to learn lucid dreaming, as it would be invaluable for the creative process.
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I keep responding, even though I said that I wouldn't. But I have to point out that everything you said were lies intended to mock me. Everything I said is based on fact. Most childlovers, including myself, want the age of consent laws to be abolished. Believe it or not, children are human beings. They can think for themselves, but that isn't always obvious. Adults, especially parents, coerce and threaten their kids into accepting their religion, political party, and any other belief. Kids, like myself, grow up fearing what could happen if we spoke out. When I turned eighteen, people asked me how it felt to be able to vote. I let them know that I have always been able to vote, but nobody would let me. Children are slaves, and adults shape them to their religious and political beliefs. If kids around the would stood up for what their right to be treated with equal respect, I wonder how many would be yelled at, arrested, beaten, or even killed. Could people tolerate the fact that they couldn't control the future of the world by opressing their children. When I was a kid, sick people in my government took me from my parents because they thought it would be best for me. They were wrong. This has made me a very angry person, and I never want this to happen to another child. Some could say that this anger has caused me to be attracted to kids. I'm inclined to agree. I see them as equals, and in some ways superior. People want to argue that the age of consent laws protect kids from their own ignorance. Has anyone ever asked children whether or not they agree with the age of consent laws? Unfortunately, that is like asking a woman in early America if she liked not being able to vote. Almost all women would say no, but many men would say that they are too ignorant to decide for themselves. Not only would they say it, but their own ignorance would cause them to believe it. Making it worse, women often acted dumb because people treated them like idiots. I see a lot of intelligent kids who are treated like dirt, and eventually they start to fit the stereotype of a naive child. When they grow up, they vote for who their parents would want them to vote, they believe the religion their parents beleive, and they have sex with people their parents would approve of. If the age of consent laws were abolished, I still wouldn't have sex with a kid. However, I would be happy that they have been emancipated and are free to think for themselves. My point of view doesn't come from crap I read on a website. It comes from experience of the way I was treated and the way I see kids being treated all the time.

BTW, this has nothing to do with lucid dreaming, so take your bigotry to some other thread.
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When I turned eighteen, people asked me how it felt to be able to vote. I let them know that I have always been able to vote, but nobody would let me.

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My last dream has been a lucid dream. I've had a dream about killing some people. At one moment the dream became lucid, so I decided the people should be pedophiles. I also decided I should cut some pedophiles penis and insert these by their own anus. It has been great. I've had really good sensations doing that.

I hope you like my lucid dream. Specially you Steohawk.
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Believe it or not, just this night I had a lucid dream. For some reason I was at dreamhack (never been there) and for some reason there were no gamers, and no real sceners either; only boring people. I left and drove home but I got lost on the way. I managed to drive my car into a swamp and left it there to walk for a city. This was a pretty scary part of the dream, because it was a pitch-black night and a scary swamp and all that. The only light I had was a LED on my keychain (which I have IRL)

I got to a town and hitchhiked with some couple whose house I could stay in. I got to look at a map so I could find my car again, and it was at this point I realized it was a dream. The cities that were on the map were real, but their locations were all wrong, so I figured I was dreaming.

Suddenly I was walking around looking for my car. I knew well that I didn't have to, but I still did. I thought about this thread but couldn't think of anything to do, somehow. I just know that overdoing it would wake me up. I realized that I was very close to waking up, and I was hoping that the alarm wouldn't ruin it all. At some point I even woke up but slipped back into the dream quickly.

Well, the last of the dream wasn't entirely clear, but I think it ended very abruptly when something unrealistic happened.

This was probably the most sensical dream I had in years, and it's probably more or less a result of this thread.
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my wife is a man.
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In fact, many people might have experienced lucid dreaming without being much aware of. As I read in the site, you don't need to be able to control your dreams to say that you have been a lucid dreamer. Being aware inside your dream that you are dreaming is enough. Controlling is the next steps.

Before that I thought that lucid dreaming is something special only few "spiritual" people have achieved. But then I remembered my past dreams. A classic lucid dream I have is, that I suddenly stop the current flow of the dream scenario, and run away to jump of the balkony of my house (4th floor), and flap my hands to fly. A second before this happened, I had a spontaneous thought that this is a dream and so I cannot die and I jumped off the balkony. The first time I was down but didn't died and I made an ugly hole in the floor. There was the revelation "Hey why didn't I die? Oh this is a dream and so I cannot die. Maybe I can achieve other things..". But the most usual thing after that was to fly above the city by flapping my hands =)

And each day I was watching a dream like a movie without knowing, suddenly a small awareness came up that hey it's a dream, so I can jump from the balkony and fly once again and I did this every time, thousands of times in years!

The interesting fact is here. When I did this I could continue flying for a long and go on with the dream. I was semi-conscious, almost knew it's a dream and I can control it but I was just flying and not doing other things. And I wasn't much excited about it. Only when it happened that I read somewhere about lucid dreams in a magazine, I was more excited with the idea of doing other more interesting things than flying. When I was flying I wasn't aware of the idea I was lucid dreaming when doing that. I was semi-aware. So after that inspiration, the next time I had been aware that I am dreaming, the technical problem that I wake up when I know it started. That's one problem in lucid dreaming, how to not wake up as I see. The funny thing is that now, even when I have the fly away sessions, I take the fact that I fly as a dream sign that I am actually dreaming. And so now I wake up after few seconds when I fly!!! So now I am aware of what lucid dreaming is, I can't fly without waking up as in the past!!! Crazy? :)

And yesterday I thought I had those lucid dreaming experiences and maybe several people have them and it's not so special. We are just not aware..

p.s. Funny fact 2. When I am having a nightmare of someone chasing me in my home and wanting to torture me and I want to wake up from this dream, I intentionally use the dream sign of flying of the balcony 1) to fly away from the killer of course, 2) to actually remind me that I am lucid dreaming and thus forcing me to wake up and so end up this dream! But sometimes I wake up inside my dream and I don't understand this at first. And the killer is there again!!! Crazy..
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Hehe, there's a special place for optimus in the heart of Freddy Krueger
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I never had a dream where all the senses were _really_ vivid but I had some dreams on wich I had control. In these I principally tried flying.
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some people just consume drugs.. saves you lotsa effort..
I think texel has proven himself as nothing but a flaming troll. I don't care if he doesn't agree with me, but he is obsessed with trying to hurt me. Unfortunately for him, it isn't working. However, I want to apologize to the rest of you for his behavior, since he is making this thread a bad place for us all. He gets off on flaming people, and he figures nobody will mind if it's a pedophile. This thread is for posting lucid dreams, which I will do right now:

Last night, my dream began in monestary high in the mountains. I could "sense" that there were people around, but I didn't see anybody. I don't know how to explain it, but I also got the feeling that the residents were celebrating my birthday, which was yesterday. It's kinda like the place was welcoming me. I could hear movement, but I still didn't see anybody. I expected monks to pop out of the shadows and sceam surprise. This didn't happen, so I decided to explore the monestary. It was huge, like some kind of palace. I found all kinds of interesting devices that reminded me of stuff from Myst. One machine was shaped like a globe, but it was glass. In the middle of the globe was a purple light, like an orb of energy. It was very dim, so I messed with some controls. The orb moved around a bit, but it didn't get any brighter. I figured this mess was futile, so I flew around the monestary. As it turns out, the place was gigantic. I was busy flying around when my alarm clock woke me up.
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