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rc55, yes i am very offended, from where would you ever had gotten the idea that i would deliberately insult other people....seriously tho... its all good dawg no worries. :)
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[quote="Kentucky Prophet"]
Over the last two days, I have been informed that Mr. Harrod has admitted to claiming material from other artists as his own, GoTo80 being one of them. Yesterday, I received a call from Mr. Harrod where he told me what he had done. When I asked him about a track that we had collaborated on, "History Of The Butt", he assured me that his contributions were original. Today, he called me again to admit that he had in fact been lying when he made that statement the previous day.[/quote]
Thanks Bit shifter for that.
It seems he still lies to hes colelagues, he's got problems!
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woops, quote went bad! n00b wtf
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Yep. the quote above, (from KPs email to goto80) is synced with the discovery of the KP thing here in the pouet-thread. Meaning, laromlab claimed he didnt rip the song untill it was discoverd here, even though his other rippings were discoverd. That means he is still capable of continue his bullshit.

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i ran into these:





its making rounds, just wait for the juggernaut effect to kick in. Guy is toast.
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kaneel: Laron lab ^^
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Random / 8bitpeoples has been ripped aswell
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yeah, fuck that asshat, it is obvious that his sobby letter was just that, a sobby letter. The guy is not sorry about anything but being caught. I'll just mind my own business from here on, sorry dub.
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btw, did he steal the Daft punk remix or not? It sounds gameboy to me. Didnt he say he composed music on the Atari 2600? =)
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Dubmood: check my latest link
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Did the guy do anything original at all?
What's the total number of artists he ripped already? He's like Timbaland Super Sayian 4!!!

I like how he keeps is secrets like he never delievers the whole ripped artists list so he can keep on the headlines: EXTRA EXTRA Kentucky Fried Chicken ripped another artist! Read all about it!
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Thanks for the links, I'll download those and the emulators and check them out. Also, I do remember proTracker from back in the day. I think that I used Impulse Tracker in DOS when I would play around. Never got terribly good at it. I've downloaded TENS of megabytes of .mod and .s3ms in my day. Over ZModem from BBS's, WAAAY back in the day. I do see the distinction between chiptunes and the trackers. Although I did originally think that chiptunes just meant that they were still "mod-type" files but only used sampled stuff from consoles, etc. I've been set straight.

And no, sorry, I don't have any early Laromlab stuff. I only met him in the past six months or so through friends when I started playing synth for a band who's singer is Kentucky Prophet. He really seems like a good guy, and he's always been super cool to me and my family. Like I said, we had no idea...
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Tack, såg den. but why didnt ikuma notify anyone else about this? or did he?
added on the 2008-04-04 02:26:25 by dubmood dubmood
ah, there was more on that page that I missed. sry
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yeah and it should damn well be posted here.

Ikuma allready took the civil route with laromlab, and was even nice enough to settle it peacefully. This is what i argued for should happen, but someone already gave him that chance, and he didnt take it Regardless if my and other peoples defence, not of his actions mind you, he still continued to lie to the people involved and even to his own freinds whom he suckered in with him.

This is what Ikuma himself says about the matter on 8bitcollective forums:

here's my side of the story..

Actually last December, Anewuser from the Battle of the Bits community informed me that Laromlab had stolen the Daft Punk remixes (well more like cover versions: "Around the World" & "Aerodynamic") which i made with Famitracker.

I did confront Laromlab immediately and told him to take the "Around the World remix" track down from his Myspace, website, Youtube etc, which he did, and he did apologise to me, but I didn't ask that he post the apology online, for all to see.

Well me being the forgiving sort of person I am, I thought I shouldnt make a big fuss over a bunch of remixes..(well Daft Punk wrote them anyway, i just transcribed them..) , so after he took them down from his myspace/website, i just let it go, i was busy with my dayjob so i didnt have time to go public with the news...

Well i thought the matter was settled, when Chibi-Tech (and later, Jellica) sent me a message yesterday alerting me to the discovery of Laromlab's wholesale theft of YM Rockerz music and the fallout from it..."
added on the 2008-04-04 02:34:30 by NoahR NoahR
I am having great troubles understanding wtf went on in laromlabs head. He had a good chance in december to come clean and still not. And this KP story. wtf. wtf.... beats me.
added on the 2008-04-04 02:39:40 by dubmood dubmood
prolly he thought he could get away with one even when caught red handed... it's kinda like the ponzi scheme of chiptunes, really.
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regarding http://consequenceofsound.net/2008/03/27/check-out-laromlab-has-new-singles/

where is the next issue of paste magazine?
added on the 2008-04-04 02:48:19 by dubmood dubmood
not out yet ...
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anyone contacted them about this so they can drop the article?
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