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Based on visy's oneliner, a quick and slightly noisy shader, 'cause why not. ;)

Code:void mainImage( out vec4 fragColor, in vec2 fragCoord ) { vec2 uv = fragCoord.xy / iResolution.xy; float t = iGlobalTime; uv.x += .75*mod(uv.x+t,length(.5-uv)*.1 ); uv.y += .75*mod(uv.y+t,length(.5-uv)*.6 ); float c = mod( length(.7-uv)*sin(t+sqrt(2.*sin(uv.y)*cos(uv.x)*2.)),.26)*5.; c += mod( length(.3-uv)*sin(t+sqrt(2.*sin(uv.y)*cos(uv.x)*2.)),.26)*5.; fragColor = vec4(1.2-c,.6-c,c-uv.y,1.); }
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Code:while(balls_are_touching) gay();
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Code:test->generate(&vertices, &faces);
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x.y+=20.-20.*t-.53*u,x=(x+vec3(.7,1.,.8))*p((v-101.)*.34*a*l)*n((v-101.)*.41*a*l )*s((v-101.)*.23*a*l),mix(max(c(x*n(v*.13),1.5+2.*h),-c(vec3(x.x,-x.y+.4,x.z)*n(v *.13)*p((v-260.)*.24*g)*s((v-260.)*.23*g),1.5*(1.-l)*(1.-h)+3.*g)),min(min(min(n( x+r*vec3(0.,.4883,0.),.6),n(x+r*vec3(-.3554,-.4883,-.6),.6)),n(x+r*vec3(.6838,-.4 883,0.),.6)),n(x+r*vec3(-.3554,-.4883,.6),.6)),a-(1.-l)+o);
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Code:nop ; that was exhausting, so let's chill
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Code:<div style="background-color:#xxxxxx;background-image:url('tex.png'); background-repeat:repeat;"> <div style="background-color:transparent;background-image:url('logo.png 9;); background-position:center;background-repeat:no-repeat;"> </div</div>
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Code:static unsigned char klumppi[64000];
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Code:__at(0x0000) uint8_t vmem[32768];
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Code:ushort inc = (*(ushort*)i & 0x1fffe);
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Code:max(-min(abs(abs(p.x)-5.)-.5,abs(mod(p.y,1.)-.5)-.1),min(min(p.y+1.+step(mo d(abs(p.x*p.x*(sin(p.z*.2)*.5+1.)),.5)-.25,0.)*.05,max(abs(p.y-2.3+abs(p.x)*.5+(m od(abs(p.z),.2)-.1)*.2)-.2,abs(mod(p.z,3.)-1.5)-.5)),max(abs(abs(p.x)-3.-smoothst ep(.0,1.5,p.y)+step(mod(p.z,2.),1.)*.1)-.5,abs(p.y)-(1.+step(mod(p.z,2.)-1.,0.)*5 .))));
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Code:move.l #"SHIT",$1.w
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Code: bne.b .nowackel
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Found in the OS/2 config.sys file. Explains why OS/2 isn't around anymore..
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BB Image

Since Android Studio 2.0 and the famous "Instant Run" feature. I loose 30/40 minutes by day for rebooting the IDE, or waiting for it's task to complete, or waiting to run (actually I have to click twice on the Run button, sometime).

Actual version is 2.1.2.

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Code:static forceinline SamplePosition BufferLengthToSamples(int32 mixBufferCount, const ModChannel &chn) { return (chn.increment * mixBufferCount + SamplePosition(0, chn.position.GetFract())); }

Now with 16 more fractional bits.
Code: move.w #300,d0 .lp nop dbra d0,.lp

for those that know what a piece of s**t this is...
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Code: for (x=[0..N]) for (y=[0..N]) for (z=[0..N]) { array(x+N*(y+N*z))=(x,y,z); } for (i=[0..N*N*N]) for (j=[0..N*N*N]) if (rand(100)>50) { xchg(array(i),array(j)); }

array(0..NB) are NB random generated dissociable coordinates.
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Code:mov ax,0a4f4h
ExitBig: ;Errorhandling if it is just RTS I am a
;senile dumb FUCK!
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Code:loop loops1
Code:SetSpriteDataPointers .macro clc lda \1 .for i=0, i<8, i=i+1 sta $07f8+i ;sprite #i pointer adc #1 .next .endm
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