Ripping, cheating and re-releasing at Breakpoint and how we are going to deal with it

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And now crawl back into your hole, you stinking troll.

You should've read between the lines. Here we go:
They've also violated the rule of the author having to be present at the party (Sonic wasn't there).

That rule simply doesn't exist in this form. As quoted, the rule only prohibits e-mail submissions:
If you submit something, you have to be present at the party. No exceptions!

You should fix the wording for 2008, because Fzool (who was at the party place) has submitted a release. After all these years (I did that for a friend at Mekka Symposium 2000) it's still not forbidden to submit other people's releases.

Ich kann mit dir auch normal reden, nur leider willst du dich nicht auf diese Stufe begeben, selbst Vermittlungsversuche scheiterten kläglich an deiner starren Position.
Notiz für mich: Dieses Jahr keine Weihnachtskarte an Scamp.
added on the 2007-04-15 22:14:02 by Fzool Fzool
madenmann, du hast auf der music-compo-page gelesen:

The composer has to be present at the party! (we repeat this here because this rule is the most often broken in music compos)

added on the 2007-04-15 22:22:47 by yoda yoda
Yoda: Ok, you got me here, I forgot to check that page. Anyway, following the existing rules it's not forbidden to hand in a friend's graphics (except for photos).
submitting your friend's compoentry, when he's at home watching baywatch, is a tradition as old as compos themselves.
added on the 2007-04-15 23:50:18 by tempest tempest
but what if he is watching knight rider?
added on the 2007-04-16 09:03:45 by nosfe nosfe
i'm afraid that is classified information, sir.
added on the 2007-04-16 10:02:38 by ryg ryg
Okkie is classified information?
half-a-banana-instead-of-a-brain-man: No, there is no need to read between the lines. You know exactly what the rules are trying to express, as does Fzool. Even if you'd find some loophole in its wordings (which you failed at).

If you wish to give hints about how to improve the wordings of our rules, go ahead. But don't do it in combination with "it's not really cheating because if you leave out every 3rd word of the rules, they have not cheated!!1".

Davon abgesehen: Wie immer hat Dich keine Sau um Deine nervigen Vermittlungsbemühungen gebeten.
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this thread is full of love! <3
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pouet is back \o/
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Davon abgesehen: Wie immer hat Dich keine Sau um Deine nervigen Vermittlungsbemühungen gebeten.
Wann immer irgendwo ein Konflikt mit mir entsteht, versucht er Öl in's Feuer zu gießen und die Leute zu bestärken, statt zu vermitteln.

Okkie: We wouldn't do all this if it wasn't for a bucket of love. Well, there are some people who run out of arguments and try to insult others to win a discussion. That doesn't work for anyone, because it's still aruing on the internet ... I fear the most serious post in this thread is the one by stefan, posted on the 2007-04-12. That turns me really emo. :(
wasn't starstruck shown on an emulator ?
Starstruck was Assembly. As ryg said, Breakpoint shows Amiga demos on real hardware.
guardian: AFAIH, yes Starstruck was run in UAE at the ASM demo compo. The video that was then released was also recorded at "full framerate".
added on the 2007-04-16 15:08:38 by doomdoom doomdoom
ah yeah my bad :( starstruck was assembly, not bp
this thread is full of love! <3

This must be the most wonderful thing about organizing breakpoint!
added on the 2007-04-16 15:29:24 by Shifter Shifter
Yes this is from page 2 but still :

Hypothetical question: What would happen if it was a 4k? There would've been a c64 4k compo and the not so bad 4k by radwar would've ranked 1st instead of a weak 5ths place in the demo compo. (read: weak c64 scene at Breakpoint)

Calling the C64 scene weak at breakpoint is first of all lame second of all an indication that you do not know what you are talking about, Madenmann, as you only seem to judge the 'success' of the C64 on Breakpoint by the number of releases ignoring the quality and work that all the people have put in them.. So lets go over them one by one here..

4K : ok cancelled for 'quality reasons'.. some years you get a huge amount of 4K's, some years you get very few.. 2007 was a 'very few' year. Note that in the end the 3 required entries were available but we (thats the BP Compo organizing team) chose for quality and not to rush it just to have a 4K compo

Demo : Sorry, not going to discuss this.. 4 great demos of great groups with lots of work into it. Saying C64 is dead on BP means I just point you to this competition.

GFX : It was a struggle to keep the C64 GFX compo alive for this year but it was a good gamble with nice pictures and a satisfying amount of entries as well. Note that graphics entries are the most difficuly to get a hold off, as not-so-many c64 gfx artists actually visit Breakpoint

Music : What platform won the Oldskool Exe Music compo ? No i will not re-start the discussion about the entry that placed 3rd originally.

And yes, I know we didnt get a C64 invitro out as we did last year - thats party my fault as well, its on my personal "things to improve" list for the 2008 edition.
added on the 2007-04-16 15:56:05 by franky-- franky--
You know exactly what the rules are trying to express, as does Fzool. Even if you'd find some loophole in its wordings (which you failed at).

Actually that rule is unclear, seriously. Remember how I offered to submit the Spectrum demo on CPU's behalf, before I knew that Elfh would be attending BP? That was a result of me honestly misunderstanding the intent of that rule, not looking for loopholes.

The thing is, a Certain Major Finnish Demoparty does explicitly allow submitting prods on behalf of someone else who isn't at the party. And leaving aside any arguments about whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, a literal reading of the BP rules (with the exception of the special note on the music page, which claims to be repeating the general rule but isn't really) indicates that BP has the same policy on remote entries. I now know that it doesn't.

Might I suggest that "If you submit something, you have to be present at the party" be changed to "If you submit something, the creator has to be present at the party"? Or to be more precise, "If you submit something, at least one of the creators has to be present at the party". (Yeah, I know, that's just going to open up arguments about how much you have to do to be considered a 'creator'... like that argument isn't going to happen sooner or later anyway :-/ )
added on the 2007-04-16 15:58:55 by gasman gasman
What gasman said.
added on the 2007-04-16 16:04:20 by xeron xeron
Well, actually I can't see how would understand that rule - if you do get what the sentence "If you submit something, you have to be present at the party", you either do not WANT to understand, or you did not read it...

I'm not angry or anything, but this is god damn nitpicking! Seriously, I read the rules before a party, and it stands 100% clear what that sentence means (as it did for me the last... 10 years)

Also almost every 'regular' scener now know that this is most commonly the general rule regarding presence, unless anything else is stated.
added on the 2007-04-16 16:11:33 by Puryx Puryx
fuckings to myself for typing like shit... this is what I wanted to write ;) :

"Well, actually I can't see how one wouldn't understand that rule - if you don't get what teh sentence..."

sorry :/
added on the 2007-04-16 16:13:37 by Puryx Puryx
I know. But it's a classic demo that everyone loves, and these days you couldn't get away with releasing it. I find that a little disturbing.

Doom: I don't love Smoke Bomb and never will. I saw it when it was released and didn't love it then, either. I don't know...maybe it's the Yo,man!/Afros_are_great/guns_for_fun!/humpedy_humpedy "style" that I've grown tired of...dunno...didn't love the afro dude in the Tulou demo this year at BP, either.
If the scene doesn't like having to follow copyright laws, there is only one solution: Let's go back underground.

Ok, I'll bring the flashlights - who'll bring shovels???
Nutman: You failed to appreciate Smokebomb??!?1questionmarkoneoneexclamationmarkeleven But let me reduce that to "almost everyone" then. ;)
added on the 2007-04-16 16:34:18 by doomdoom doomdoom