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http://myspace.com/{Insert random entity here}
added on the 2007-05-27 13:30:58 by nitro2k01 nitro2k01
added on the 2007-05-27 18:37:28 by gasman gasman
added on the 2007-05-27 18:40:38 by Preacher Preacher
gasman: congrats for falling into Seel/Richieb's usual spam trap shit ;)
added on the 2007-05-27 18:41:10 by keops keops
I HATE THAT SHIT! Sites with sound.
added on the 2007-05-27 19:01:36 by xernobyl xernobyl
richieb/seel: where is babypaint. i loved that flash site. do you still have copy of it?
added on the 2007-05-27 19:06:31 by uns3en_ uns3en_
best in its genre :)
I got just the page for you.
strongbad me beautiful!
added on the 2007-05-27 19:44:09 by nitro2k01 nitro2k01
nitro: no i was just wondering if there are any proper websites with sound i dont see them often? and wondered what was about apart from ours

melli: lol luvit!!!

keops & nitro: one thing i have to say is tat when we promote something we go out big time 2 millions
why the fuck would i want to spam to about 20 or 30 people here at pouet? it makes me laugh even thinking that i might go out of my way
added on the 2007-05-27 21:57:09 by seel seel
oh yeh i forgot all 30 of u at pouet are destitute with no money so i thought i'd spam you with getoart.com SURE!!!
added on the 2007-05-27 22:01:50 by seel seel
would like to second xernobyl, bcoz i generally dislike website appearing with sound, too.

It´s quite different with this cuties:

respect, good work!
added on the 2007-05-27 22:46:29 by gentleman gentleman
nice!! now thats how i have always thought websites should be presented as interactive entertainment
the web has so much potential to be really good but unfortunately what i think lets it down is that most of the websites are designed by wannabe publishers who are actually just web designers
the result is a scatty mess of cluttered crap
grafixdorf the links you posted are more like the opposite extreme and very nice thanks
one good example of a proffessional 'publisher' creating a website i think is virgin.com...there arent that many sites designed by professional publishers
we tend to design sites roughly like writing copy and then when its finished it gets given to a pro scener or someone good/techy etc to re-do it from the copy so it is plush but the original layout and links are all in the right places etc
non publisher web designers just tend to make a lagistical hash dont you think? the web is so cluttered and like NOT designed by experienced publishers

thanks for the links keep em coming food for the soul!! really interesting to see

added on the 2007-05-27 22:58:01 by seel seel
keoops like this one: http://home.arcor.de/toddybody/amiga/atarist.html ;-)))
added on the 2007-05-27 22:59:08 by button button
Commodore: I'm note sure I get your point ;)
added on the 2007-05-27 23:00:01 by keops keops
keops: nm, i'm just playing the silly Amiga vs Atari game :)
added on the 2007-05-27 23:06:08 by button button
Commodore: Never heard of those things :)
added on the 2007-05-27 23:06:51 by keops keops
speckys are better because u can fit them into your jacket pocket
added on the 2007-05-27 23:10:36 by seel seel
seel: What's your point?
"Big pages with millions of visitors don't deserve more attention in this thread"
"Everybody should already know all the big pages with millions of visitors so there should be no point in posting them here"
"We 30 people at pouët are fine snobs who don't like pages with more than 40000 viistors"

Or what?
added on the 2007-05-27 23:12:10 by nitro2k01 nitro2k01
nitro : no i was just accused of spam tricking
and i was pointing out that when we want to promote something we go out to millions in the press radio etc...we dont spam...now u see why it is so rediculous for them to to assume that i would want to spam a few sceners with a post at pouet LOL :)
added on the 2007-05-27 23:15:41 by seel seel
seel: You do spam.
added on the 2007-05-27 23:36:24 by xernobyl xernobyl
seel: you've spammed Pouet for almost 2 years with telemate and Studentart related websites


added on the 2007-05-27 23:41:53 by keops keops
xernobyl: well i never mean to as u can see from my post above ...
when i am post links it is only to share or have a conversation etc or a joke or whatever ...i have no need to spam as i explained when we promote something i would ask permission/sponsor and go on press radio etc sorry if anyone has thought of me as a spammer in the past it is not meant to be that...often people say spam for other reasons...maybe?
added on the 2007-05-27 23:43:30 by seel seel
its not spam i'm telling you!
why the fuck would i want to spend all that time posting links so i can get a few poxy pictures or sales ...no i dont think so...some intelligent conversation would have been nice

and another thing
our company is registered in liechtenstein for a reason ..ANONYMITY and PRIVACY...my need for this has not been respected either...

this all just proves how the scene can have its head up its arse every so often

its not like much of the work here is any good our disabled network etc do better shit than most of the stuff here

also the scene always used to be open to people who make scenes or use cracked software etc any software
pouet.net has just become an elitist group of coders who dis anything else

quite frankly i think the way some people here treat pouet guests is appauling

it will never change every group solidifies and becomes hard and theres always 1 or 2 core members who resist liquidity
that is my thesis on online groups

thank you very much :)
added on the 2007-05-27 23:51:58 by seel seel