Will Extreme Command - Lost in the jungle with an uzi reach the alltime top?

category: general [glöplog]
I bet it will!
added on the 2007-08-07 12:53:36 by dubmood dubmood
irc messy checkage required.
added on the 2007-08-08 12:18:43 by dubmood dubmood
Insane Command - Missing in the forest with a grappling hook will probably beat it.
added on the 2007-08-08 12:22:06 by noouch noouch
BB Image
added on the 2007-08-08 13:01:03 by bartman bartman
nah, Extreme Command - Lost in Chinatown with a nunchacka > Extreme Command - Lost in the ocean with a harpune.
added on the 2007-08-08 14:01:40 by dubmood dubmood
Nah. "Occasionally slightly excessive command - Not quite sure of our location in a field with a pillow" FTW.
added on the 2007-08-08 14:03:39 by xeron xeron
extreme command rocks
added on the 2007-08-08 14:55:50 by superplek superplek
added on the 2008-09-14 23:54:07 by dubmood dubmood
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0468569/ judging by this it will.
added on the 2008-09-15 11:44:32 by xernobyl xernobyl